"Sorcerer 3," the final chapter DLC Trailer beauty new wine playing cards Quint

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CD Projekt Red released a shaman << 3 >> << final DLC Blood and Wine >> new trailer, a comprehensive picture of this new area DLC, players will be able to explore, and new Boss.

<< Wizard 3 >> DLC << >> Blood and Wine

Blood and Wine >> << tells the story of Geralt the White Wolf, have not yet been exploring distant war-torn region Toussaint, unlock hidden threat to wild beasts behind the amazing secret of the kingdom. End all roads are leading to death, only hunting magic can force lurking in the night under the threat of evil survive and unravel the mystery of mysteries. << >> blood and wine adds new exploration area, new characters and monsters, provide full darkness behavior, unexpected plot twists and turns, more romantic encounters and deceitful lies 20 hours of adventure.

<< Wizard 3 >> DLC << >> Blood and Wine

DLC will be officially launched on May 31, while also offering bundled body and all entities Edition DLC, the entity version comes with a licensing entity Quint (edit:. Sen

<< Wizard 3 >> DLC << >> Blood and Wine

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Traditional Chinese: 《巫師3》終章DLC新預告 美色美酒打昆特牌

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