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Lead: Guangyu game independently developed online games 2.0 times the first boutique masterpiece << >> Genesis 2, 12:00 today to open the first test, the five main gameplay innovation, richer gameplay, more full game story waiting for you experience. << >> Genesis 2 original 'voice trigger system' takes you to visit the prehistoric continent, gone to witness the splendid fairy magic war. fate of the war, will be master of your own!

Exquisite original painting game

The four major professional sports and other wide open for you to fight pluralism

<< >> Genesis 2 in this test, will open fighter, swordsman, archer, mage, the four major professional. Unique set of skills, skills of eight branches, so << >> Genesis 2 has a very strong skills pool. players can mix and match, creating a unique martial arts routines.

War game screenshots

In addition, 2 >> << Genesis effect in terms of skills, into the batter, pick fei and fighting elements. The new game engine support, the skills, the perfect embodiment of shock effect, each hit a full sense skills.

War game screenshots

Eighteen new copy of the challenges waiting for you to play cool

Players in the IC packaging and testing will also experience the potential of 20 copy of the group, 33 2 41 copy of the group and two copies of the group, a total of five copies of the group, 18 different copies from the map style, Boss skills, performance and the obstacles along the way and so are not the same play. players can also experience the rich copy barriers play, in addition to fire-breathing, stab, the Rolling Stones, floating jumps and other obstacles traps, as well as between the new map jump transfer. more than fifty in the new play, << >> Genesis 2 large players left a copy of the group will give unlimited reverie.

Game scene screenshot

Drama film-dubbing visit the ancient battlefield

Genesis 2 >> << first cinematic story mode of dialogue - 'triggered dubbing system' subversion online text dialogue mode, impressive background story, players will be presented to the extremely rich professional film dubbing team NPC voice. , professional gaming team of creative music background music, professional sound team. when players log in the game, as if the scene went to the movies, to witness a Masterpieces of the war, changing the fate of the common people.

Game scene screenshot
Game scene screenshot
Game scene screenshot

Genesis 2 >> << today the first beta, the main innovation of the five games are played, so you experience more news, please pay attention to Genesis 2 << >> official microblogging, letter! Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 創世2今日首測 電影級劇情配音全體驗

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