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[Abstract] US configure talents have better returns, the core is not look at the cost, it is to look at returns and outputs.

OF | Zhang Yiming

Business advice at different stages, different sectors of start-up companies need is not the same, universal, and relatively long-term topic only talent, because talent in the company's role is the same. The company's personnel system is the most critical.

Early company's business should not complicated because the first company only products, technologies, not the market, PR, media cooperation, etc., so business is very simple, but more and more complex business after the company's growth, and therefore to recruit a lot of people , personnel on dilution. then chaos began to appear, how to do it? a lot of people suggested that we set a good process to write the rules of the system. this is the normal solution ideas. after the heavy flow in the company to do one thing to change slow, many large companies because there is no spirit of innovation will be eliminated usually occurs four things:

1, the company not to complicate, to keep small and capable team, but this is not what A-type platform or a large company, be sure to absorb as factors of production, becomes a very powerful system. Only throughput the system is a good system, in order to create a lot of value, so maintaining low complexity and small teams, not trying to be the cause of the company's solutions.

2, the more common one is, increase the complexity of the company, but also to improve the rules and the process is increased to prevent go wrong, go wrong. This will solve the immediate problem, but in fact there is a great loss, because from the perspective of the rule-making sector speaking, to less problems, sure to make processes and rules more detailed the better, but this will lead to the weakening of many possible optimal solution. we may be facing an elastic, flexible, and if there are a lot of restrictions, not employees would like to find the optimal solution, especially when major changes in the industry, the company can not rely on the inertia moment forward, cumulative flow system rules are particularly big problem.

3, there is a relatively bad situation, even the process has not, it will become a mess.

4, another approach is to increase the density of talent, increase the bigger picture, there are good values. If you recruit people poor understanding, then the company's system would have given very detailed, but if faced with a group of high-quality talent, you can make a very simple rule set, a few simple principles. we according to the principles of the rule rather than the hands to match, or even as long as the 'target' can be combined with common sense action.

The general rule is most likely to increase, because the rules are always the company can refer to. In general the industry is relatively stable, the same pattern, increasing the rule is OK, because the rules curing the way with colleagues. But if it is in a dynamic industry, rules problems, restricting the flexibility many companies why the problems, because the company's business after growing up, making a good rule, the company will rely on inertia to move on, but if you encounter a sudden change in industry We need to do a lot of internal adjustment, which become bound.

We believe that the headlines like today's industry belongs to innovative industry, especially in the face of the challenges of change in the past few years continue, so we think we should reduce the rules and maintain organizational flexibility to adapt to the development of the business. The company increased the growth of business, the key is to make the density of talent than the increase in business complexity. our company this summary of 'doing challenging things and good people' to have challenging thing is actually the complexity of the ever-increasing need and good people do together .

How to make the density of human complexity over the business of it personnel system consists of three elements:? First, the return of short-term returns, long-term returns, and the second is to grow, he can get in this company grow, and the third, that he The company is very happy, he will be yours to find interesting.

How to pick the best people? Why do you hire such good people? In addition to the fun, grow, I think the core is an effective incentive strategy.

First, to provide the best ROI (return on investment, we often see a word, the human cost. Many companies put talent as depletion costs. But if we take the United States contrast, the United States particularly expensive labor costs, China's talent then to the United States, the treatment will increase two to three times the low labor costs in China, India, Cambodia, the United States developed the best but still the core of the reason is that the United States through the configuration talents have better returns, the core is not look at the cost, it is to look at returns and outputs.

The core of the company is to build through good configuration, configured the factors of production, allow the company to have the highest ROI, and provide good ROI for everyone, so the company's core competence is the ROI level rather than cost level. As long as ROI is good, pay more, indicating better return on investment with this as we have been with the HR department, we want to give the highest market salaries. we offered to HR departments at least a year to pay on the market to do a positioning, maintaining industry-leading market remuneration of course, if the high cost of labor, which in turn require the company to be able to configure these people well, play well, this is an aggressive gesture.

Second, to maintain a high enough return on the ceiling, at any time can attract top talent to create value added super hard. This year I was in the interview, the candidates often say that today has developed more headlines for a long time, most Join good opportunity missed. Usually companies use early option system, to engineer a high proportion of options, but later you will certainly not give a high relative proportion, because more people. how to solve this problem?

I think the option is not the most critical, the option is nothing more than likely to get excess returns, it is possible to achieve financial freedom. In fact, there is no core to provide excess returns, did not let him have the opportunity to raise a level of return. We believe that the focus should motivate into increasing the proportion of year-end awards, and we hope very good people have the opportunity to get the year-end awards 100 months. we let him know that any time to join the headlines today, the return can be very high, and internet resources are very good, this than to start-up companies competitive.

I found a problem, the front of the stock option awards is not operational capacity, but the ability to invest in a person's return depends essentially on the company he joined what at what time, or to be more cash and more stock. Business is very possible good people, the economic conditions are not good enough, add more cash when requested, then even if he did very good business, the return will be a lot less. If the conditional case, I'm actually very encouraged to be able to put more incentives to afterwards, into year-end, to be replaced with more incentive-related personal contribution and not related to the investment perspective.

Thirdly, determined in accordance with rational fair job grading and performance evaluation salaries. We have done statistics, we found that compensation and performance compared to often occur in various forms of premium, premium acquaintances, new premium, seniority premium and so on. Press headlines internal Post level fixed salary, job level representatives of his stable output in the professional field, we do not allow business executives to decide salary, business executives only given job, do not let him pay with reference to history, whether he is on a company pay what Do not be affected but the impact assessment .HR level positions based on supply and demand integrated current job levels at this stage, given how competitive offer.

Our annual review time, in the hope that as a re-interview. If this man rejoin, you give him a kind of open offer, and what kind of salary. If you consider giving a People's Congress (microblogging) the amplitude of a pay rise because he quickly grew.

Similarly, if a person is still relatively lacking, you still willing to give him a offer, demotion or dismissal? Because relations within the company is not only a business relationship, but also have more acquaintances premium factor, very rational point of view hope competent we even want to make a virtual look competent, if subordinates and you say there is a better job quit, you are very easy to accept or regret?

A CEO should be a good HR if the company as a product, there are three inputs: The first is money, capital input, and the second is the opportunity to input information input, what is happening in the industry, to have any change, this Analyzing investigation CEO, and the third is human input.

The company's output is profit, service, product, between the input with the output, depending on the quality of the input and the input configuration is valid to use your money, whether the effective use of personnel, which is part of management input and output management decisions, given in the company's business direction, enter the most important consideration is human input.

In addition to the CEO to do HR, HR must do HR. HR status of the industry is the low threshold, I think HR is not only the recruitment or participation in company organization and management, and business executives to assist the CEO recruitment and allocation of human, in fact, to the company, the organization has the ability to deep thinking. If you accurately understand your business objectives, while derived from the post for your understanding and your talent to the industry is very understanding, in fact, the industry's talent is yours. If a company talent can not correctly understand the words, it is not its people. often occur a situation, a person in the company is not doing well, to go to other companies or venture a great success, which indicates that he is not you the company's talent, because you have not properly understood in order to use.

If you give HR mention a very high standard, I think to be able to write how it works >> << Google (this book How Google Works, if HR is not about how to organize, how to mobilize and generate efficiency understand the words, just do recruitment and other transactional work, in fact, from an excellent HR is still very far away.

(Organize a public speech since Zhang Yiming

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