Warcraft Movies Latest TV Spot 30s mysterious woman hot lead

Updated: May 20, 2016  Views: 210

# Movie Warcraft # released the latest period of TV ads, there was a mysterious woman advised the Alliance and Horde together, this lens appear before the making of the over, for this mysterious woman's identity on the Internet caused a lot of controversy.

There are a lot of players think that this is the mother of Medivh, the Guardian Aegwynn term. But there are some players and some broke the news said this was the first guardian Allodi But ...... Allodi not a man?

Allodi image comic
Allodi Corps in World of Warcraft 7.0 test server in Advent image
Warcraft movie mysterious woman

<< >> World of Warcraft movie will be released in China on June 8, you ready for this youth feast it?

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Traditional Chinese: 魔獸電影最新30s電視預告 神秘女人引熱議

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