QQ music + Li make corn scream confession artifact come!

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Recently, Li 2016 new digital album << >> formally launched barbaric growth time is approaching, as the exclusive sale platform QQ music album from the beginning have given appointments fans create a ring of surprises, just the new album by Secret lyrics poster QQ music, followed by another hand in hand to open the album Li barrage appointment, 'spring will play' so that fans of intensive overwhelmed, so you friends address him: '! long exposure, so the original QQ music also can play' by the Li the new album challenge QQ and many other music games are played, with the fans playing Taking interaction, we take a look at QQ music also hides many 'skills.'

QQ music + Li make corn scream confession artifact come!

History of the most gorgeous barrage play romantic fried upgrade screen

As among the most advanced and most representative of young digital music platform, QQ music to provide users with more fun and interesting features, 'Barrage' is one of them. Barrage zone as the freest territory, except for willful and anger Tucao brush sense of presence, now added to the fans mutual praise and affection like idol Taking functionality. fans can not only publish in plain text barrage barrage area, you can also choose the stars, light sticks, Meme da, Clover, fireworks, lights and other variety of gifts Crown songs and singers to express love and support, after sending a gift, your name will be lit in the top area of the barrage, but also contribute boarded gift list! May 25, QQ music will celebrate with the fans Li first 'bomb (tan) of a bomb (tan)', then, every corn can be put 'fireworks' in the barrage area, lit 'crown lights' lift 'love light' brand and manufacturing your exclusive romantic spring spring.

QQ music + Li make corn scream confession artifact come!

Take heart lyrics poster with lyrics recorded music rhythm and mood

In 2016 Li new digital album << >> barbaric growth of wild >> << officially on sale on the occasion of articles, QQ music early exposure << >> article wild concept piece, the concept of the film is a great breakthrough for each frame the vision of large, are excellent lyrics poster material. QQ music and lyrics work together to create a poster Secret Li Yuchun album, also attracted many users willing to serve tap water, posters and lyrics playing the major social networking platform.

QQ music + Li make corn scream confession artifact come!QQ music + Li make corn scream confession artifact come!

QQ posters lyrics play is simple: take heart after seeing the lyrics when listening to music, users simply press phrase the lyrics, you can automatically enter 'lyrics poster 'edit page with lyrics benefits can be plenty of money to do the poster: lyrics are usually very literary, but concise, easily lead to resonance, most of the songs sung already transferred more people will be familiar, there are often stories behind the lyrics, the lyrics easy to have some good forwards desire. more importantly, It was to the lyrics as a material, so that the whole idea with the QQ music features of this product is mix.

Whether it is cool upgrade barrage zone, or high force grid lyrics poster features advertised in this era of personality and fashion, music APP no longer simply tools of songs. Music is more than one tune, the user is not unique personality, QQ music can also have a variety of colors .QQ big music star coffee means will be described interpretation of fashion and personality to the extreme, the planet Uranus from the Chinese to the youngest little meat, even from Europe to South Korea star group, QQ music most large coffee can call all the idols placed inside the QQ music personality theme, multiple sets of star skin let fans facelift can not stop. What are you waiting, May 25, QQ music to spring and spring to 'bombing affection ', with lyrics poster record was barbaric growth >> << moving moment, to see the amazing spring and spring loaded in a large coffee bar!

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Traditional Chinese: QQ音樂+李宇春 讓玉米尖叫的表白神器來了!

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