Dietitians into the Beijing primary and secondary school students to become small Daren nutrition

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May 19, in the 27 '5.20' Chinese Student Nutrition Day is approaching, the Municipal Health and Family Planning Commission and the City Board of Education held in Shunyi District of Beijing Renhe High School 2016 'camp' on campus - I do nutrition small Daren cum nutritionist propaganda teams into the campus ceremony. with immediate effect, the city will form excellent campus nutritionist propaganda teams, into primary and secondary schools (microblogging) school teachers and students and parents (microblogging) preach healthy eating knowledge.

Dietitians will enter the campus presentations Healthy Eating

Campus dietitian propaganda teams to Beijing in December 2015 the first campus nutritionist skills competition winners outstanding campus nutritionist to form the core, from May onwards, they will bring their award-winning science courses into the nutritional quality of the city primary and secondary schools , to carry out 'food education classroom, help growth' as the theme of healthy eating knowledge propaganda activities nutritionist propaganda teams into the campus activities will be carried out this year 30 keynote lectures lectures include 'my plate rainbow', 'beverages. - - sweet trap ',' nutritionally balanced, the partial eclipse to say 'no', '' Keep children away from heavy taste ',' eat balancing, away from obesity 'and other 16 topics.

Currently, the city's primary and secondary schools has been basically achieved each school with a part-time dietitian and nutritionist organized five training campus in 2014 and 2015, the city's more than 1,000 primary and secondary schools participated in the training nutritionist campus nutritionists not only to guide their own school meals, school teachers and students should also undertake to carry out food education education.

For the city to recruit students 'nutrition small Daren'

In 2014, for the city schoolchildren dietary structure is irrational and lifestyle-related chronic diseases rise and other issues, the Municipal Health and Family Planning Commission and the City Board of Education launched << 'camp' on campus - Beijing balanced diet campus health promotion action (2014- 2020 >> (hereinafter referred to as a balanced diet campus action. event lasted seven years, aims to establish a team of experts and a network promotional platform for students, parents, schools and feeding enterprises to implement health education, staff training, food direction and management and promotional activities relating to comprehensive interventions to guide students to form healthy eating behaviors and habits, improve nutrition and health status of students in Beijing.

2014 << Beijing students to promote healthy diets >> guidelines, grasp the principle of a balanced diet in the city launched a healthy plate 3: 2: 1 Events, 'Health Plate 3: 2: 1' (ie, the meal dinner plate divided into six parts, should be done with a healthy staple food accounted for 3 parts, 2 parts vegetable accounting, accounting meat 1 theme for the community launched the 'my health plate' works collection activities to promote balanced nutrition, food variety meals with philosophy. 2015 student organization of the city to carry out 'big ring snack nutrition label' campaign, the city's more than 400 schools, more than 10,000 primary and secondary students to participate in activities, after more than five months 22 Dalei, a small race Leizhu 150 students, children and parents learn through nutrition labels reasonable choice of snacks, the ability to use nutrition labels on food choices may be raised.

2016 Campus action to a balanced diet, 'I do little of nutrition' and 'food education classroom, help growth' as the theme, activities in the day, the Municipal Health and Family Planning Commission and the City Board of Education also released 'I do nutrition small Daren' recruitment order from May this year until February 2017, for the city's primary and secondary school students to the new << >> Chinese dietary guidelines, dietary guidelines for children and adolescents << >>, << Beijing students healthy eating guidelines> > basis, collecting original works.

City Health and Family Planning Commission the person in charge, this year the city will be more widely within the city, the students carry out in-depth nutrition education and dietary behavior intervention, and mobilize more students, parents, school teachers and students concerned about the growth of the whole society people involved in the 'camp' to work on campus.

The city's first round of student nutrition and health monitoring report released

It is understood that the students understand the nutritional knowledge, attitudes and behavior, to find out the status of food consumption and nutrient intake and students obesity and diet-related chronic condition dyslipidemia, in 2015 the city also launched the first round of the Beijing Students nutrition and health monitoring.

Preliminary monitoring results show: compared with the students' diet recommended amount, sufficient eggs, cereals and potatoes and beans to meet the basic, but vegetables, fruits, fish and other aquatic products, inadequate intake of milk, poultry, meat, salt intake is too high.

Monitoring results also show that there are many snacks, drinks intake, vitamin D deficiency and other phenomena in the primary and secondary school students watching television, mobile phones, computers, books and other screen too long, do not eat breakfast every day, after school less than moderate intensity exercise, while overweight and obesity prevalence of students underestimate their own body, not yet aware of their weight has been exceeded and so on. Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 營養師走進北京中小學校園 學生爭做營養小達人

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