"My dear, princess disease" exposure value poster flowers fresh meat color burst!

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<< Dear princess sickness >> flowers fresh meat color poster exposure value burst!

Starring Chen Bo Rong single poster

Lanzhou, China Network May 20 news due in the director, the producer of the network drama Qi Wei << dear princess sickness >> in May 20 this special day of the first exposure 'love triangle' figure version of the poster .Mike, ZHANG Yu Xi, Chen Bo Rong three starring Yen value burst, people look at it in the drug color values. as a producer of Qi Wei also first proposed the concept of 2.5 yuan, 'Princess' Zhang to Xi will open the brain hole in the play, three starring 'love triangle' relationship will become complicated and confusing in the play.

520 to Xi princess Declaration: You have to make me a princess!

<< Dear princess sickness >> led by Mike, I Zhang Xi, Chen Bo Rong meat three flowers in this exposure posters, three high-value color expression package starring staged war, can not help but sigh: 'Yan high value who faces the same handsome to burst the United States to vertigo 'and in this special day, ZHANG Yu Xi on behalf of the princesses of propaganda is particularly domineering:'!!! you can not a prince, but must treat me like a princess. 'it also represents a lot love girls treat emotional attitude: 'I am loved, I am your princess, you are loved, you are my prince!'

Qi Wei Artistic Director Mike fixing 2.5 yuan defined Poisonous

Drama actor, Thailand's hottest actor Mike responsible not only for meat color value in the drama, but we are using more than talented sister tease. In addition, for the first time as artistic director of Qi Wei emerged as the play is also a creative contribution, she was first proposed the concept of 2.5 yuan, so Mike and another actor Chen Bo Rong is not only a rival relationship, but at 2.5 yuan in 'love to kill one!' It is reported that, Mike will also be involved in recording the theme song of the drama.

Played 'cold all women' in the film and television works standing 'White Lotus' opposites Qi Wei said: 'The story is anti << Dear Mary Sue, the princess disease >> a spectacle!' It is reported that this network drama It will be born wealthy, but rough road conditions, with severe disease can even say that the Princess Princess cancer rich girl as the first perspective. Drama toxic set multiple interactive relationship between the characters is to pass, but the story still being kept secret.

It is reported that << dear princess sickness >> currently tight post-production and will be available this summer in Sohu video broadcast on file.

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Traditional Chinese: 《親愛的,公主病》曝海報 小花鮮肉顏值炸裂!

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