"Final Combat" first piece of information "masterpiece magic" Exposure

Updated: May 20, 2016  Views: 195

Sina game news Meng Department of cartoon style turn-based Final Combat martial arts online game << >> will be held May 28 open test, the first piece of information 'masterpiece magic' will also be on the line, the same time open new service 'masterpiece magic.'

<< >> The Final Combat and traditional martial arts, Xian Xia combined to create a new magic system, the weapons are no longer iron products, but have a soul with players fighting alongside the growing magic weapon.

In this major version update, will release five magic, depending on the attributes and skills, they also have the distinction of appearance, they are different from the traditional fighting sword unicorn Shenmu tripod to aspire to have their own accord paladin Features.

Magic equipment as a separate column in the birth of a new system, they not only do not take the original position, but also show the appearance according to demand, like a living body has a bio-around players around, so you become noisy Bianjing unique landscape.

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Traditional Chinese: 《蓋世豪俠》首部資料片“絕世神兵”曝光

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