Foreign media disinformation Chinese exporter of canned meat pictures actually from Resident Evil

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Recently, a local tabloid KACHEPA Zambia has appeared on the front page article entitled 'China employing poisoned meat to the people of Africa,' the article disinformation campaign Chinese enterprises 'employing meat canned beef' sold in Zambia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Nigeria and other African countries such fabricated reports insulted China, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei at a regular press conference on the 18th, said the Chinese side expressed dissatisfaction about the irresponsible reporting. Chinese Embassy in Zambia issued a statement strongly condemning ' such unfounded malicious slander ', will be submitted to the Zambian authorities solemn representations and resolute thorough investigation of someone's newspaper sources, and eliminate the serious negative impact of the report brings.

A foreign tabloid front page called 'Chinese exports of human flesh poisoned the people of Africa.'

Subsequently, the United States, a special verification and debunk rumors and hearsay site 'Snopes' this analysis and argue that the article included a picture has existed for years in the mask, image source for the video game market in 2012 << Resident Evil 6 >> marketing video, nothing to do with China!

'This is a Japanese game maker in east London in 2012 sponsored an art exhibition, through body art and horror pictures >> promotion << Resident Evil 6.' Snopes website that 'this is obviously with a deceptive and discriminatory Chinese food enterprises article. '

In fact, these pictures as early as 2012, I stood was reported, when Japanese game company Capcom for the latest Resident Evil 6 >> << campaign trail. In order to attract more players later this zombie-themed action game, Capcom their 'human butcher' on to London's most famous Smithfield meat market. of course, these seemingly lifelike torso and limbs are not really from a human, but a number of other edible materials (beef, lamb, etc. made of alternatives and all this from a man named Sharon Baker (Sharon Baker artists, she likes to explore the relationship between humans and their surroundings.

These photos are << Resident Evil 6 >> promote its use on a photo

CAPCOM has been reported in the UK, 'trafficking in human flesh' for the rally >> << Resident Evil 6 photos, you can see that it is false pictures used in newspapers

The original article also rumors under the guise of 'a Chinese living and working in Zambia woman' mouth expressed that she was invited to go to a Chinese beef processing enterprises in the interview, found that the use of the plant body is processed into canned beef exported to southern African countries she then released through social media Facebook 'live image' and urged Africans to pay attention, refused to Chinese store to buy food. she out of nothing 'anger', 'I do not know why so they treat the people of Africa, perhaps because Chinese more and more of the population, not even burial places, or simply because of their greed! '

The article will be published once aroused widespread local concern. Kitwe Zambia << >> Times reprinted the article, many times actually get 12,500 hits. Of course, the article also questioned a lot of friends. (Tracy Tucao: To be honest, human flesh is too expensive cost is too high, said to be a dead person dead beef is estimated that we will believe.

These photos are << Resident Evil 6 >> promote its use on a photo

For this to discredit reports, the Chinese Embassy in Zambia issued a statement strongly refuted:

50 years, Zambia two peoples have forged a profound friendship, the two sides from Zambia friendship and cooperation which has been tangible benefits, but there are always a number of people with ulterior motives until today still want to destroy this friendship. ' today there is a local tabloid rumor openly say, 'Chinese people employing meat canned beef sales in Africa' 'entirely' baseless malicious slander, slander ulterior motives, its purpose is to destroy the ugly image of Chinese people, the destruction Sino-Zambian friendship and undermine China-Africa friendship, it is our firm can not accept. 'we are here for such acts express their utmost indignation and strong condemnation of the Chinese Embassy in Zambia will be made solemn representations to the relevant departments, requires a thorough investigation of someone's firm newspapers and news sources, but also to innocent Chinese people, Chinese people to justice!

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Traditional Chinese: 外媒造謠中國出口人肉罐頭 圖片竟來自生化危機

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