Zhejiang civil service exam result inquiry

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2016, the province's civil service examination authorities at all levels (microblogging) marking the written work was recently finished, starting at 17 o'clock on May 20 candidates who can log in Zhejiang civil service examination system (URL: gwy.zjhrss.gov.cn inquiry my written exam and apply for jobs in the rankings.

As in previous years, this year marking the written work of the provincial personnel examination paperless office has adopted computer technology, written test results by computer automated synthesis. Therefore, candidates who are no longer check results.

The study, the province's civil service examination authorities at all levels Comprehensive posts written passing score is 105 points, for the excellent village cadres 'Post 2' outstanding community leaders and minority recruitment posts written passing score is 90 points, the other posts the passing score is 95 points.

The province's interview is scheduled for June 4 - - 5th place (provincial prison system was extended to June 6 before May 27 civil service departments at all levels will be based on the written test results of the candidates who, in the province to determine the passing score written above. , in proportion to the recruitment notice provisions identified in all positions from high to low body (skills assessment or interview subject, and will participate in physical evaluation or qualification review, interview time and place, to the candidate through an appropriate manner. candidates who recently Always concerned about 'the civil service examination system in Zhejiang Province', and to ensure the smooth flow of mobile phones and other communication tools for timely access to relevant information and follow-up work.

Apply for public security, forestry, courts, prosecutors, judicial and administrative system of the people's police post, before the interview to conduct physical evaluation. << On the issuance of physical evaluation by the public security organ the People's Police recruitment physical evaluation items and standards (provisional notification >> ( Department hair (2011) 48 execution. physical evaluation of 30 years (including 31 years of age with the following (including the above test different standards for physical evaluation of the first days of computing nodes age.

Provincial authorities at all levels examinations to recruit civil servants scarce job interview the timing of local civil authorities and notify the candidates or recruiting agencies.

May 19, 2016

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Traditional Chinese: 浙江公務員考試成績查詢

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