Hainan civil service exam result inquiry

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Organization Department of the CPC Hainan Provincial Committee

Hainan Human Resources and Social Security Department

Hainan Province in 2016 civil service examination (microblogging) Comprehensive written examination

Scores, passing scores written notice and qualification review

According << Civil Servant (Trial >> (Department of fat people (2007) No. 134, << Hainan Civil recruiting Implementation Measures >> (Joan Human Resources and Social Development (2011) 151 2016 and << Hainan civil service examination Notice >> provisions, now in 2016, Hainan Province, the civil service examination written comprehensive results, written passing score and qualification review work be announced.

First, a comprehensive written examination results

Written and comprehensive performance ranking positions in the annex. Candidates by telephone inquiry. 12333 direct dial province, outside the province to call the hotline telephone 0898-12333 query results. Candidates dial telephone consultation, press '1' to enter the civil service exam automated voice inquiry system, according to the voice prompt, enter the ID number of candidates to be the query results in the query process, if you encounter problems, press '0' switch to manual services.

12333 hotline provides 24-hour automated voice service.

Second, the written examination passing scores

Written exam passing score by the provincial authorities, cities and counties minority (Oriental Fingers, Ledong, Lingshui, Changjiang, Baoting, Qiongzhong, white sand, and other cities and counties were delineated.

1. Written provincial authorities passing score is 55 points (including 55 points,

Area cities and counties 2. Minority written passing score of 45 points (including 45 points,

3. Other cities and counties in the written passing score of 50 points (including 50 points.

Third, eligibility review

Qualification review will take place in late May, organized and implemented by the recruiting unit, eligibility review, please contact the recruiting unit.

Annex: 2016, Hainan Province, the civil service examination written consolidated results table .xls

May 19, 2016

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Traditional Chinese: 海南公務員考試成績查詢

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