Huang reunited with her daughter-walks tweeting Thanksgiving crowd

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Huang reunited with her daughter-walks tweeting Thanksgiving crowd

Huang and her daughter warm reunion

February 11, Huang daughter through legal channels and Huang finally return home safely reunited mother and daughter together picture is very warm. Wong also gratefully on the microblogging a public thank friends, microblogging with the figure like Huang children out for a walk is fun, interactive feel quite good laugh from time to time.

Huang Weibo sincere gratitude aloud to help friends: 'Baby come home, peace of mind Thanksgiving Thanksgiving all legal friends.!! @ Mai-li @ Qin Lan ...... many friends, Thanksgiving everyone. '

It is reported that Huang Yiqing after illegally taken away his daughter on the microblogging repeatedly fabricated false facts were trying to smear Huang, is always based on false and delete users pointed out that ending Bo, Huang did not choose the Internet to clarify pale but through legal channels retrieve his daughter, confirmed that Huang Yiqing false rhetoric, a large number of users get the support and praise points.

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Traditional Chinese: 黃奕與女兒團聚散步遊玩 發微博感恩眾人

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