2016 storms unmanned intelligent vehicle Ying tide

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Google unmanned news today officially celebrates its opponents, taxi application Uber announced that the company will be 'in the coming weeks' to test its driverless cars on the road in Pittsburgh. This is a Ford Fusion Hybrid Cars car will be equipped with sensors, radar, scanner and high-definition camera, which began initial task is to collect road test after maps and location data, and to detect its intelligent unmanned technology. Like with Google driverless cars, Uber will also be test with a driver to ensure safety.

Unmanned storm was quietly upgraded. General (GM) automobile company acquired in March focused on the development of retrofit kits autopilot Cruise Automation (Cruise Automation). Cruise automation today to pass on its website in the streets of San Francisco with an all-electric Chevrolet Bolt prototype photo, and driving a vehicle roof mounted sensor is actually co-founder Kelly Cruz automation Vogt (Kyle Vogt) the company's official website wrote...: 'we are a new electric car Chevrolet Bolt unmanned test our technology.' it seems that GM can not wait and Lyft cooperation, and it has begun testing set electric, automatic driving in a car.

MARINE recent domestic information announced joint Chihiro Driving position in the Internet, deformation monitoring, manufacturing UAVs, unmanned vehicles and other areas to expand the appropriate products and solutions. Last year, China North Industries Group's official website issued a proclamation declaring the Alibaba jointly invested two billion yuan to set up 'position Chihiro network Co., Ltd.', each having a 50% interest in the position with the country's Beidou Chihiro ground-based augmentation system and a wealth of operational experience in the Internet field, and the sea has accumulated information in high Compass mature R & D capabilities in the field of precision positioning technology in the industry view, the wave of change in science and technology, precise location is undoubtedly important basic functions, both in the near future, autopilot, or now called the car service, precise positioning service It is just to be

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Traditional Chinese: 無人駕駛風暴來襲 2016迎智能汽車大潮

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