Nature's Care-end products Pro Series debut in June purchased Netease test Lahaina

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Recently, Australia's largest health care products and skin care products company, one of Nature'sCare, held a high vitamin and health products Nature's Care Pro Series brand new series of conferences .Nature's Care in Sydney will use the new NetEase to cross-border business-oriented comprehensive business platform Netease test Lahaina purchase strong into the Chinese market.

Nature's Care-end products Pro Series debut in June purchased Netease test Lahaina

Nature's Care Post 'Pro Series' series

Australia is the world recognized health products will be included in pharmaceutical grade management, the most complete and strict regulations of the State from the selection, testing, production technology to all aspects of the manufacturing process, packaging, production of health products are required in strict accordance with specifications of drugs, while Australia also need to obtain and Drug Administration (TGA) certification.

Nature's Care Australia's well-known brand established in 1990, is Australia's only one from raw materials, research and development, manufacturing, logistics, management of health care products and food manufacturing versatility. In the inception of the idea of doing business to family use, with the most good raw materials to produce the best quality products .Nature's care to adhere to the use of his family in order to produce quality to consumers as a principle. 26 years, Nature's care created a number of brands, including health care products, milk powder, skin care products and so on, but a few years ago it bought an area of 192 hectares in the hunter Valley wineries hunter Velley to obtain natural grape seed, olive leaf, honey and wine and other raw materials, popular in the mainstream Australian market and overseas markets such as China.

It is reported, Nature's Care Australia also National Dance - Ballet Australia reached a cooperation agreement, Ballet for three years and this is the main sponsor of the Ballet the first ever health and beauty brand sponsors.

Nature's Care-end products Pro Series debut in June purchased Netease test Lahaina

The Nature's Care episode of 'Pro Series' series uses a more fresh and high-quality appearance of the packaging, into the Australian Ballet health, vitality and beauty values with partners, uphold the 'everyone health benefit' concept release including grape seed 50,000, marine collagen, cranberry 25,000 and spirulina etc., more than 50 products.

Nature's Care Pro Series Series New Nuggets Chinese Market

Currently, Nature's Care Pro Series products have been sold in Australia Terry White Chemists and other selected major pharmacies .Nature's Care side said, Pro Series is the new next move into the Chinese market, help

China to help people achieve a more healthy dream.

China Health Care Association survey data show that China's current annual sales of health care products to about 200 billion yuan, a huge market is becoming the new health care products in Australia Highland contention. Previously, Nature's Care's Healthy care products have been the first to enter China, Netease test Lahaina purchase sales and other cross-border electronic business platform on the surge by domestic consumers. as a media-driven electronic business platform, Netease available with self-test mode Lahaina, global distribution, warehousing, sea nanny services and many other advantages to help Healthy care continue to enhance brand awareness, but also became one of Nature's Care in the country's key sales platform.

This time, when Nature'sCare Pro Series New Offer to NetEase also offered an olive branch to test the purchase Lahaina, the two sides will reach a depth of cooperation, jointly started the Pro Series visibility in China to help people realize their dreams quality of life. Related to new or Added on June Netease test Lahaina purchase domestic consumers. Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: Nature’s Care高端產品Pro Series 6月亮相網易考拉海購

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