Blessed are the players? Kojima over the world looking for a new third-party engine tour masterpiece

Updated: May 20, 2016  Views: 211

After leaving Konami Kojima produced the first new work will use a third-party game engine development, rather than FOX engine. He revealed his various top global studio tour is to give the right engine of his new crop color.

Hideo Kojima

Kojima told IGN: 'I actually think the best way is to use internal engine but for my first game, in order to wait for the fans, we are going to use a third-party engine, which is why I ran all over the world the reason I am. Looking for a technology that can be used. '

Global Journey of the island on the other hand can be considered to develop a vision, which his new work is also of great benefit. He was in the middle of storm << >> developers Quantic Dream, Crytek, Guerrilla and the like Media Molecule studio linger.

He said: 'In the beginning I was going to make a game, but when I met friends and colleagues around the world, they say everyone is expecting me to develop a masterpiece, so my first game will be a masterpiece.'

Hideo Kojima's new work will be the first landing PS4 platform for sale.

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Traditional Chinese: 玩家有福了?小島秀夫滿世界為新遊大作找第三方引擎

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