Entertainment circle Face queen map with the truth

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Makeup to go out really give rise to a lot of trouble, do not believe you Angelababy. Huang Xiaoming at the airport and was shot counterparts, face makeup ridicule 'pork chop sister', put on flat shoes are more exposed to the height and the fact that short legs ah, dare Q Baby is where you really confident, witty replies to users' confidence stems from cosmetic ', but also put Huang Xiaoming as saying recently seen Baby makeup, she said she did not cosmetic. this is really like a loving girlfriend moved heaven and earth ah, but not impressed discerning users pro-ah! as entertainment 'face' the most successful actress, you really believe she did not do plastic surgery? plug-speak. then go to the hospital also pledged that a clean test, but so far has not been Oh actions.

Entertainment circle Face queen map with the truth

Huang Xiaoming Angelababy

As a model, it does not really figure how, no high heels just feels completely passers.

Entertainment circle Face queen map with the truth

Angelababy old Shots

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Traditional Chinese: 娛圈變臉女王有圖有真相

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