Japanese car prices fuel fraud scandals hot lead

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Recently, Japan's Mitsubishi Motors, Nissan, Suzuki cars have been involved in the fuel consumption data fraud problem, which is the biggest scandal in recent years, the Japanese auto industry. After the news spread, sparked heated debate continued. Public opinion generally believes that these adverse events, is difficult to protect the interests of consumers, we hope someone's car prices show sincerity and timely arrangements for recalls and compensation for good late. in addition, public opinion to express their views for the incident came to light after indifferent domestic regulatory authorities, 'after the incident exposed domestic regulatory authorities AQSIQ and other departments has yet to stand on the matter, the lack of play and deterrence, it is not to recommend functional departments attach importance to the automotive industry chaos, a lesson in regard to more stringent regulatory supervision, make great efforts. 'As at 11:05 on the 20th, Baidu search for news about 2900, microblogging information about more than 1600.

Japanese car prices fuel fraud scandals hot leadJapanese car prices fuel fraud scandals hot lead

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[Mitsubishi fuel fraud sort of public opinion]

Early April, its business partner Nissan conducting relevant tests and found data test data related to fuel economy and Mitsubishi Motors provided there is an inconsistency, and then they had denounced.

April 20, Mitsubishi Motors acknowledged manipulation 620,000 automobile fuel economy test results, to beautify the digital emission levels. Wednesday Mitsubishi Motors shares fell more than 15%, $ 6.6 billion market value evaporated.

May 12, Nissan Motor and Mitsubishi Motors said in a statement, respectively, are to discuss cooperation matters capital, previously reported that Nissan considering 200 billion yen Mitsubishi Motors made about 1/3 of the shares.

May 18, Mitsubishi Motors president with exposed Chuanzhe Lang resigned, his office temporarily be held by CEO Osamu Masuko.

[Nissan displacement fraud sort of public opinion]

South Korean Ministry of Environment announced May 16, are South Korean market Korean Nissan sports utility vehicles (SUV 'Qashqai' fraud was discovered displacement problem. Nissan will also impose a 330 million won (about US $ 280,000 fine, and in this alleged manipulation of gas detection by Korean business executives Japanese carmaker criminal charges.

Korea Nissan official said, did not engage in misconduct, willing to cooperate with the investigation, Nissan said in a statement:. 'Nissan data relating to our vehicle is not operated Nissan did not and could not install illegal reduction effect on our production of any car. device or deceptive means. '

[Suzuki Energy Efficiency false public opinion carding]

Japan's Kyodo News reported on the 18th, Suzuki also possible to implement the provisions of various domestic regulations under test in acquiring fuel efficiency data.

Subsequently, the company spokesman said Suzuki, Osamu Suzuki, chairman of Japan's transport ministry has reported the situation that day, but the company has not been found to affect the fuel efficiency Suzuki defects.

In the course of the investigation found that there is no access to data in accordance with the method prescribed by the State of Japan from around 2010 Suzuki automobiles, the test has been carried out violations involving objects include 'Alto' and other mini cars and small cars, a total of over 2.1 million. However, Suzuki side said, not for fuel efficiency performance may be considered 'exaggerated' fraud.

[Sign attitude]

1. Japanese car prices fuel fraud losses its industry credibility problem

@ Zhao Chuncheng: Depending on the quality of life for the Japanese car companies to 'sneak' gimmick to appease users.

Citizens Walker: It is Japan's Mitsubishi Motors following the submission of false values of fuel consumption, less than a month since the burst of the second Japanese car dealers false recurring events such scandal, to the detriment of its automotive Wang Guowei letter.

@ Nine layer tower demon: the legend of this country are not fake it did not deceive consumers, bad character?.

@ Water: Japanese cars are the most competitive fuel-efficient features that fuel consumption values fraud case or impact the credibility of Japanese cars Volkswagen series of fake newspaper before the Japanese car makers have thought that, with the sweetness, did not think 'five. ten paces laugh a hundred paces. '

2. The fraud problem is industry 'practice'

@ Cao Dayong: It stands to reason Japanese car prices emission fraud, Mitsubishi is also a major Japanese military enterprises, the domestic media, why not do more energetically domestic car engine is Mitsubishi's main emissions are false?.

@ams car critics: exaggerate the fuel economy is not a news, had exposed the scandal of the public, we also have exclaimed, after BMW Mercedes-Benz We also express our close attention, but turn to Mitsubishi, Opel is already commonplace , if emissions are false practices within the industry. More recently, Suzuki has also been implicated in scandals.

@ Dig pig: cut, domestic diesel emissions are almost fake Well, as gasoline is not much better, get short of manpower Okay consumers count balls ah.?.

@ Sea Hill Sea: first check to check the public, otherwise unconvincing.

3. The joint Tucao weak domestic regulatory authorities

@ Rabbit with the hounds: of course, is to protect their own consumers face a variety of fraud ...... even government lies, the government does not remind people themselves are to raise awareness of prevention it ......

@ Second only to the Red Nosed Reindeer Rudolf: Chinese regulators is far from America, Europe and that it is strictly ...... oh expect Mitsubishi to safeguard the interests of consumers of ?? Behind every business there is a sin and because unscrupulous deaf and blind Government regulators say you see I've tried like you cursed Mitsubishi.

@IMEX Italian ceramic bathroom in Yunnan: 'prison' is there, 'pipe' certainly no.

@ The toilet has been more than 20 minutes: the whole world by the recall, as we here as long as public relations.

@ Five million 0769: If the department usually have to do things, there would not be so many safety problems, these people do not act, but also worse than foreign inferior products.

4. Follow the later recall and compensation

Ben @ Sirius: it would be finished resignation compensation for Chinese users it??

@ Trend in Japan Track: Mitsubishi Suzuki turn over! Groups false ah! Actually it relates to my car! Sustained attention to the issue of compensation and recall late ah!

5. Other

@ Liqing-Tian: Suzuki chairman Osamu Suzuki admitted fuel fraud problem, which already can not afford a dedication Changan Suzuki is simply worse, it also once again sounded the alarm to the domestic brands Honda Toyota suddenly remembered it. two clean body can protect themselves?

@ Zhang net Tucao: after all, face to blame if the lining is good, not afraid to face the trouble, if the lining is not good, even if some of the industry to reduce the technical standards, is useless seen encounter problems, solve problems, absolutely not. the use of cheating methods, self-deceiving self-deception is not only deceptive!

@ Five - in the visual Fuxi Temple: lying and fraud, are the object of thinking characteristic experience low capacity, blind great care and confidence.

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