Shanghai Ocean Aquarium 16 kinds of "Ocean Meng Po" will sixty-one debut it!

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Caption: Shanghai Ocean Aquarium jellyfish museum courtesy

Caption: Shanghai Ocean Aquarium horns rays Cownose Ray museum courtesy

[Xinmin Latest News] June festival continued, Children's Day is coming, the Dragon Boat Festival are followed. May 20, Xinmin Evening News Xinmin reporter learned from the Shanghai Ocean Aquarium, the Museum will be in a six One, the Dragon Boat Festival double Release 'mY gREEN my green holidays' series of activities, I hope you can feel the festive atmosphere here green, environmentally friendly and had a wonderful holiday green. By then, more than ten different kinds of Meng state aquarium newborn baby will collective appearance ocean 'Kindergarten', more unusual is that these are from the museum aquarium Meng Po autonomous bred 'new generation.'

Children's Day is the vast number of children's festival, Shanghai Ocean Aquarium Ocean in 'Kindergarten' will be officially opened on this day. There are sixteen kinds of aquatic larvae of the pleasant state of Meng baby will be here to meet you, these little guys biological characteristics from different races, each with very different.

Caption: Shadows fluff shark egg museum courtesy

In the special exhibition venues on the third floor, visitors can see a friend Tatu hippocampus baby, kiss Dragon baby fine and still in the 'infancy' (eggs) in the shadow of fluff baby shark and a total of six different types of marine Meng Po. They game in crystal clear crystal cylinder among the myriad forms Jieke presented in the waves refraction between light and shadow. You can enjoy the wonderful shape, apart from biological odd-shaped larvae, better to see the glass world, the universe of beautiful jewelry, in addition, another jellyfish, horns rays, leopard sharks, bamboo sharks white spots, long-tailed stingray, blue crawfish than ten kinds of aquarium Meng Po the venue distributed in different regions, these aquatic larvae baby line for the first time in the Library display.

Each aquarium Meng Po has a special brand identity presentation, visitors tour the same time, but also by the designer, to learn more knowledge related to marine science and green philosophy, entertaining, do both. Ocean 'Kindergarten 'Children's Day exhibition will continue to display after the Dragon Boat Festival holiday. (Xinmin Evening News Xinmin reporter Hu Yan Xun) Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 上海海洋水族館16種“海洋萌寶”將於六一亮相啦!

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