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May 20, SAIC Liaocheng Vocational and Technical College school-enterprise cooperation project signing ceremony scep training base opening ceremony held in the school library auditorium. Liaocheng same village Zhang, deputy director of the NPC Standing Committee, VW service SAIC senior director Gu Yang SAIC VW technology services senior manager Zhongzhong Qiu, Patrick Okeeffe SAIC VW managers and other senior technical service headquarters leadership, SAIC Shandong distributor leaders and representatives of distributors, Party secretary Zhang Lotte, president Wang Yong, school teachers and students representatives from more than 300 people attended the ceremony.

The ceremony, Zhang village, Patrick Okeeffe delivered speeches. Zhongzhong Qiu, Wang Yong signed a cooperation project book, Gu Yang Zhang Lotte awarded to the college designated institutions nameplate cooperation. Then, with the same village Zhang Gu Yang jointly inaugurated the project cooperation. Zhang Lotte word of thanks on behalf of college party.

SAIC SCEP project called 'SAIC - Vocational School Co-training program' The project at the SAIC-led, employment-oriented, school-enterprise through the integration of their resources, the creation of 'SAIC' class at partner institutions, to implement. training model contract training methods and combination of engineering. 'SAIC' classes of students in school and at SAIC authorized service center of expertise combining both receive school lecturer teaching and training service center, a senior technician in combat environment grasp SAIC goods and services skills, teaching and work to achieve actual requirements Zero docking and special service centers to train and provide technical service personnel with higher skills and expertise for SAIC to achieve optimal quality of teaching, teaching efficiency highest, lowest cost of teaching, to businesses, schools, social and win-win goal.

Construction area of 2,000 square meters of SAIC Liaocheng College training base has been settled, the center car sales training, service and other education and training as one. College selected 30 outstanding students each year from cars seniors majoring in composition SCEP project courses.

SAIC SCEP implement school-enterprise cooperation projects, college teachers and students will feel the direct SAIC excellent corporate culture and excellent management philosophy, and distance teaching and docking work actually required for SAIC authorized service center Training and technical personnel with higher service delivery skills and expertise to achieve the best quality of teaching, the minimum and maximum teaching efficiency of enterprises, the cost of teaching - the school - community win.

After the ceremony, the delegates visited the training base Liaocheng SAIC. SAIC from Shandong Province, car dealers also held a training base site recruitment. (Liaocheng Vocational and Technical College) Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 上汽職校合作培養計劃校企合作項目落戶聊職院

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