Liu Yifei first appearance after being relent 520 Ghost Story NetEase attend conference

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Netease game 2016 annual conference May 20 in Guangzhou come to an end. At the meeting, the thunderbolt game HU Zhi-peng, president shared a five-year history of the creation of the new Ghost Story, full of feelings, announced a joint tour's first hand-side piece of information 'smile Allure' will be drama << >> smiled very little during the broadcast and simultaneously launched the official game, the first release film program: will start filming TV series of the same name, well-known director Television series chief director, fairy sister Liu Yifei airborne scene to help Qingsheng, a boiling initiation site will push the atmosphere to a climax.

Five years as shown signs new five-year birthday Ghost Story

Five years as shown signs Ghost Story brand upgrade playing transboundary

Ghost Story >> << new year ushered in the fifth anniversary of the thunderbolt game HU Zhi-peng, president of sharing Ghost Story 5 years growth trajectory and creative ideas, feelings still moving full.

From the role of the image, the scene of iterations to launch a new career, from the perspective of an open 3D to new home territory, Ghost Story adhere to high frequency iterative upgrade, not only more beautiful brilliant style, but also makes the mainstream end of tour players can get started more quickly Play Three Realms.

Social system is one of the core gameplay Ghost Story five years, married, marry they reveal, they reveal a small hatch, GongFu other kinds of games are played everything, Ghost Story adhere to build a diversified social system, the proportion of female players more than 41% Ghost Story makes one of the reasons most satisfactory large female players of online games.

South Pine Uncle producer new lead story, Ghost Story cartoon namesake shooting, hand << >> smiled very little depth strategic cooperation ...... five years to upgrade playing Ghost Story brand heavy cross-border, pan-entertainment online games to build a successful new cases .

Hand slightly rebranding push a joint piece of information, 'laughed Allure'

Hand Ghost Story >> << smiled very little depth strategic cooperation, in the TV series << >> smiled very little during the broadcast, << Ghost Story >> hand side synchronized swim launched its first joint piece of information 'smile Allure' with plastic brand, innovative game content will be able to experience double-ended.

It is reported that, smiled very Allure << >> in the description of the game world and the new Ghost Story >> << fit is very high, such as white musician 'smile regrettable' and Woman in Red 'Reed slightly' correspond male charm and Swordsman two female roles, the book on the game of marriage, home, parenting, they reveal and inter-service contest description, can also be found in Qiannv very relevant prototype system. also, the new Ghost Story >> << It will be amazing way of playing.

Liu Yifei scene to help reproduce the classic sense, 'Philippines' where

Liu Yifei has been in the minds of players Qiannv has a special status. As early as 2011, Chinese Ghost Story measured conference, fairy sister and president of the thunderbolt game HU Zhi-peng witnessed open Qiannv glorious era.

Today, five years later, Mr. HU Zhi-peng Liu Yifei again on the same stage as the Ghost Story birthday, this historic picture to reproduce, so that this precious moment even more special significance.

Official game on the line key recommendation impressive Apple App Store

<< Ghost Story >> hand tour May 13 App Store starting impressive, not only to get Apple's official home page Recommended, May 14 summit more free chart. In addition to the computer side, the brand for the majority of players Ghost Story a new experience platform, IP maximize impact.

Ghost Story on-line eligible tour hand Apple App Store Recommended
Ghost Story hand travel summit App Store free chart top

Ghost Story TV program Television series personally directed the first exposure

Conference, film and television program Ghost Story first exposure, eponymous TV series about to start shooting. Television series more famous director Mr. went to the site, announced as the drama director Teng guide close cooperation between the scene elaborate and Ghost Story, from the 'odd' ' love 'word departure, we hope to use the best way to render the three realms rivers and lakes to the hearts of the players on the screen.

Television series will be directed by TV series Ghost Story

Television series director is very good at reflecting the city's psychology, which directed the lovelorn thirty-three days << >> << dwelling >> << nude marriage age >> << >> etc. drifting popular applause. This cooperation involved and Ghost Story magic theme, will be given rise to what kind of spark it? it is very much looking forward.

And as shown signs of five years, the new Ghost Story the fifth anniversary of birthday activities perfect ending, but the pace of progress will not stop in the next five years, we believe Ghost Story will bring us more surprises, let's wait and see! Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 劉亦菲被撲倒後首亮相 出席網易520倩女幽魂發布會

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