Special forces men of God met high cold royal sister "female CEO's personal master" launch

Updated: May 20, 2016  Views: 183

Personal master << >> female president today launch

Yang Yan directed by the music, personal expert network drama << female president to Zhao Xi, Han Zhishuo will be landing today >> starring music video exclusive broadcast.

The play recently held a launch conference in Beijing, the director Yan Yue Yang Zhao to carry Hee, Han Zhishuo, Zhou Yixuan hole Shu Hang, Tong Yu, Lu Jun Yan, Miao Yun Tong and other public scene starring debut.

Play, men fly 'national executive' cloud poem Tong Zhao to Hee played with Han Zhishuo played commando God segment staged a romantic female version of 'high-handed president in love with me.' For the high cold royal sister type role, Zhao to Xi said it was very fresh attempt, and her own very different character. Korean-born Han Zhishuo spoke fluent Chinese, he played warm letter M in the play, always in times of crisis rescue care of the household.

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Traditional Chinese: 特種兵男神遇上高冷禦姐 《女總裁的貼身高手》開播

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