Changsha, the owner of a case of embarrassment: Can not maintenance free vehicle warranty period Free

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Changsha Evening News (reporter Deng Yanhong 'three times when the car is committed to providing free care, you can only do once they do not agree.' Yesterday, the people Mr. Zhu call our hotline 96333 said.

May 2013, Mr. Zhu Xingsha a one-time payment from the Cadillac 4S shop, bought a price of 35 million Cadillac. Chu introduced, the car was relatively tight, he did not immediately get the car, but 10 days after the mention of the car. mention car, 4S shop staff gave him a maintenance manual, the commitment will provide three free engine oil change service his car, free services include material and labor costs, free service valid for 3 years or 100,000 km, whichever is reached first between the two.

Because Mr. Zhu family has more than one car, he bought a Cadillac car was not much use, March 28, 2015, he first went to 4S shop to do maintenance when, 4S shop staff discovered two years before the car ran 850 kilometers. On that occasion, Mr. Zhu to do so for their own car to do a maintenance free until May 17 this year, he thought for a second maintenance, and he called with the 4S shop staff appointment, let the other side the next day he was in the past. this time, the staff has told him that his car can not enjoy free maintenance service, the reason is 'not within the validity period.'

Open Chu brings maintenance manual that says vehicle delivery date:? May 27, 2013, the effective service period of 3 years, obviously there are 10 days to maturity ah 4S store official told reporters, Zhu vehicle maintenance manual on the delivery date is to rehabilitate the real vehicle delivery date is May 17, 2013. the official also took 4S shop to save part of the bill and car sales contract, the date of delivery of the vehicle above indeed written on May 17, 2013. 'in other words, the car in May 16 after 24 after free guarantee period.' the official said.

Reporters saw, 4S shop staff took notes and information to Chu maintenance manual registration, like writing the same, the only difference is the delivery date of the vehicle, a written May 17, one written in May 27. in this regard, Zhu explained that he did not change, the date of May 17 only his payment date .4S staff not to mention the car insisted, clearly written contract, May 17 Japanese vehicle delivery date.

As the two sides argued for their own, who could convince the other members of the public should have a situation where what rights it? Cui Ying, Hunan Lawyer Yin Lanying recommends owners when looking for 4S shop, not only look at qualifications listen to word of mouth, but also to Note warranty agreement when signing the contract. oral owners in the contract, should the implementation of 4S shop commitment to writing, and to see the maintenance period, after-sales service as a guarantee to prevent the dispute difficult given the responsibility to avoid disputes no basis. in this way, keep the relevant contracts and evidence, when problems arise, in consultation with the 4S shop, the negotiation fails timely to the people's legitimate rights court. Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 長沙一車主遇尷尬:車輛免保期內不能免費保養

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