Common medicine use what taboos

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Common medicine use what taboos

Common use of proprietary Chinese medicines taboo which life often encounter a variety of diseases, when we buy the drug will tend to choose some of the medicine that fewer side effects, taking safer, in fact, this understanding is wrong , the following will introduce the optional use of medicine errors.

A: the efficacy of medicine can not be used to slow aid

People suffering from various acute after the first thought is that Western medicine, not medicine. In fact, Chinese medicine not only to treat acute, and can be used for first aid. 'Ginseng alone', 'Shen Fu Tang', 'Sini soup' with all the ancients to rescue the recipe for critically ill patients now have made a better efficacy and faster based on ancient Chinese medicine parties, so long as the proper use of traditional Chinese medicine can treat acute disease.

II: toxic side effects of traditional Chinese medicine

Most natural medicine from plants and animals, through different processing methods, combined under the guidance of Chinese medicine theory, through appropriate compatibility, toxicity occurs rarely, but therefore considered non-toxic side effects of traditional Chinese medicine is wrong. If a long time , large doses of the same drug, it may also occur in conjunction with Western medicine as adverse reactions.

Three: long-term use of traditional Chinese medicine

Many traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine in particular ores prone to accumulation of toxic and other adverse reactions, like Longdanxiegan induced renal damage. Therefore, long-term use of traditional Chinese medicine treatment of the disease must be carried out under the guidance of Chinese medicine.

Four: summer should not be served decoction

Some people think that traditional Chinese medicine decoction boiling hot in summer clothes inconvenient to use, so there should not be served in summer decoction argument. In fact, whether it is convenient or not from the application, or from the effect of speaking, herb tea in the summer may be applicable. The ancients are summarized many of the names used for summer parties, such as 'Huoxiangzhengqi soup', 'Huang Lian Jie Du Tang' and so on.

Tips: Different types of traditional Chinese medicine on time required medication

Promoting blood circulation of drugs and some of the herbs too bitter cold, excessively violent action on the gastrointestinal tract of a series of drugs to stimulate the drugs should be taken after meals, and food mix, in order to reduce gastrointestinal irritation. Treatment of gastric medicines and tonics intestinal diseases, should be taken before meals, this will help the digestion and absorption of drugs, improve efficacy. Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

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