China tourism cooperation on the G20 to mention a five-point

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Original title: China tourism cooperation on the G20 to mention a five-point

May 20, Chinese Vice Premier Wang Yang in Beijing to attend the seventh meeting of the Group of Twenty Minister of Tourism and delivered a speech. China news agency reporter Zhang Haoshe

China news agency, Beijing, May 20 (Reporter Jiang Tao) - Group of Twenty Tourism Ministers' Meeting held for the first time since 2010, the first held in Beijing, China on the 20th. China National Tourism Bureau Li Jinzao at the opening ceremony the proposed five suggestions.

Li Jinzao said Chinese tourism industry is willing to uphold the 'innovation, coordination, green, open, sharing' concept of development, to the meeting as a new starting point, to strengthen cooperation with the Group of Twenty countries in the tourism sector and industry, and seek common development, mutual benefit, in order to promote the construction of the Group of Twenty 'innovative, dynamic, linkage and inclusive world economy,' the goal to contribute more forces.

- Promote tourism facilitation, expand international exchanges Promote the implementation of more visa, visa on arrival, multiple entry tourist sign visa facilitation policy, immigration and simplify customs procedures, encourage more direct flights, charter flights and tourism. cruise, organized by the Tourism promotion week, Awareness month, tourism and other activities mutually supportive market promotion activities to achieve media inventory exchange.

- The expansion of international cooperation in tourism, better play the role of tourism diplomacy we will further improve China-US, China and Russia, Japan and South Korea, China - existing tourism in Eastern Europe and other cooperation mechanisms, accelerate the establishment of China - - ASEAN, China the European Union, France, China and Germany, Britain, Australia and other new tourism cooperation mechanism between the second and third tier cities to encourage international cooperation in tourism, promote the establishment of an international tourist-friendly city, to strengthen the tourist-friendly cities to send each other, sharing of resources and industry linkage.

- Encouraging international tourism investment, boost international tourism consumption we would like to promote the establishment of more tourism information platform for international investment, cross-border tourism investment flow channels to promote cooperation in a number of key projects to support our operations pragmatic and encourage more Chinese enterprises to go. out tourism investment, and also welcomes foreign enterprises to invest in tourism, through cooperative development 'along the way' international tourist routes, and constantly cultivate new tourism consumption hot spots.

- Enhance the international tourism services for visitors to create a more comfortable travel environment next five years, the scale of Chinese outbound travel will be more than 500 million visitors and we especially hope that countries can take greater account of Chinese outbound tourism tourists consumer demand and habits. strengthening Chinese tour guide, tourism logo, hotel facilities, Chinese TV broadcasting, financial settlement, insurance and other security software and hardware environment construction.

- Strengthening the exchange of experiences and achievements Tourism Development share level economic development of countries, tourism resource endowment, tourism development model is different, we should strengthen communication and cooperation with the United Nations World Tourism Organization and other, more sharing and exchange of tourism development concept and practice. experience. we hope to be able to travel in cruise, self-driving tour, strengthen exchanges and cooperation in tourism equipment manufacturing and other aspects.

'Xiaoman gradually yellow wheat, rice flower summer solstice.' Li Jinzao last reference to the saying, the seeds sown today will thrive in a better tomorrow bear fruit. (End) Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

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