Early menopause women actually poor immunity

Updated: May 20, 2016  Views: 196

Medically, menopause refers to ovarian function gradually decline from a strong state to a transition period completely disappeared, including the period before and after menopause and menopause, appears emotionally stable enough, irritability, irritability, anxiety and other easily. the woman ovarian failure and sooner or later, some forty years old woman began to failure, some fifty years. so how do we make more late failure of ovarian function do?

When it comes to menopause in older women, I have to mention immunity. Poor immunity to colds, fatigue, easy to get a variety of illnesses. However ovarian failure comes early, in fact, there is a link with immunity.

Stress, fatigue, poor sleep, poor appetite, depression and other long-term accumulation, leading to female immune system early on to aging. Once the immune system is unstable, the body with the various aspects of the index will decline. Over time, with the early onset of menopause also can not avoid.

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Traditional Chinese: 女性更年期早其實是免疫力差

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