Why is hardcore Faye White Lotus? In those years she had been with many men, how many tires falling?

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It is said that the entertainment up to romance, not the most chaotic Zuotai Zhang Yan, the United States is not empty Zhao Liying. Actually been vegetarian Buddha Faye! Said Faye hardcore white lotus, why give her the title? Nicholas, Dou Wei how to see? In those years she had been with many men, how many tires falling?

91 years, I heard Faye Wong to go abroad to study, missed school time back to Hong Kong. At that time, she is a legend and someone Cinepoly record company executives Chan Siu in love, to the United States is abortion.

Later, Faye Wong to find a boyfriend called red beans, is also a singer. Hongdou be China's first batch of famous idol singer, right, and later because of molesting boys been to prison twice.

Faye Wong and then later fall in love Luan tree, Koelreuteria still hear Han's first love - it tastes really heavy ah.

Why Faye hardcore white lotus? In those years she had been with many men, how many tires falling?

Faye is simply too open, then Koelreuteria Panthers is the band's keyboard player, then often go to rehearsals. The result and Dou Wei (Panthers lead singer was out of it, Faye Wong poaching. Then ran into the Dou Wei and Jiang Xin skelter, love triangle ah as if Jiang Xin also arrested rape.

Then Faye Wong and Dou Wei married ah, the result being caught and married Dou Wei plateau shelling ballin! ! Faye also ambiguous between Japan and the Arab male model sho.

Then in 1999, just outside Dou Wei said that he is in love, and Faye Wong broke up in 2002, and on the plateau married Dou Wei, also gave birth to a daughter.

Faye Wong's emotional history of the complex is really touching ah, is indeed hardcore white lotus entertainment.

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Traditional Chinese: 為什麽說王菲是骨灰級白蓮花?那些年她跟過多少男人、墮過多少胎?

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