Netease game day love "the world 3" to declare to you send Hao Li

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Lead: From 2008 to the present, 3 >> << world has to accompany the player through eight years and through continuous iterative upgrade, 3 >> << world has a lot of players become a part of life, as if the player lives in pure. the Wild world, its meaning is detached from the game itself.

Today, a brave confession day, love the game Netease is 520 days, 3 >> << world prepared especially wonderful for special you not only have a wealth of activities reward, full service open sweepstakes, and more constantly surprises premium promotions waiting for you Oh! At the same time, the new piece of information content on the 520 conference exposure, new upcoming martial secluded grove country, this new martial art for the players to bring a new choice of change, for the Wild injected new vitality glow. more new cross-service battlefield, people Xuemaibizhang fast invite partners to join a small 3 >> << world, and your love not to be missed!

[520 activities throughout the service opening]

I remember the first time I saw 3 >> << world heart feeling? 3 >> << world never forget your promise, never stop loving you. 520 games every year love all day NetEase annual event, 3 >> << world will present the latest piece of information on the exciting content in this annual conference, will make you dazzle! At the same time, 3 >> << world are 520 this special day, carefully prepared a series of online activities, especially the wonderful, dedicated especially to you, 3 >> << world your passion to tell the truth, small partners who do not miss it!

Particularly wonderful, especially dedicated to you

[Changxiangyi · love life]

This heart did not forget to love this life! Cherish friendship grasp now! 3 >> << world and we will be better!

Time: May 20 - May 24 8: 00-24: 00.

Activity NPC: nine southern Lebanon door, Lengjian Feishuang.

Activity Award: experience, skill points, easy to travel beloved treasure box which is easy to swim beloved treasure box open, print can be obtained Pungent or refining of (one 5 and the like, also have the opportunity to get chicken Hom letter (chicken can be used for redemption. Hom gift, Begonia (Begonia can be used to redeem not rain, Jane beast rations · P (ban souls sea soul Dan high, more certain access to Hom chicken gift (tradable.


[National carnival draw]

Activity Description and precautions:

1 May 2016 19:00 the evening of 20 full-service sweepstakes.

2, you can 19: 01-19: 55,20: 01-20: 55,21: 01-21: 55 three period, submit a Pungent participate in the lottery.

3, three awards will be respectively 20 per night: 00 out of open participation in the lottery for a chance at different absolute record · Yun Ji (lift martial dodge growth of 100%, a four-star was in the beginning God: 00,21: 00,22. magazine (the best four-star primordial weapons, gold bell gift, Hugh Emperor Ming magazine, Xie Yu sand, mysterious soldiers fierce dance masterpiece treasures! also receive Begonia (Begonia can be redeemed not rain, yuan soul spirit · Tesco vouchers , rain Jiangnan · Tesco value Tesco vouchers coupons.

4, please collect their prizes within 1 hour after the lottery, or they will lose the award qualifications.

[Consumer scoreboard]

Time: May 20 - May 26.

Activities: During the event before 1 ingot per consumption (order amount, will get 1 point 50 of the single-serving integral player will enter the consumer scoreboard will obtain renewals of rare halo based on ranking, for 1 month gold / Rose / blue title.

Note: Awards may be at 0:00 on May 27 - May 31 receive 24 points.

[Legends of May · lovers plan]

1 April 27 - May 19, all players total gold consumption value of 3% will be in the form of Xiangyin in at 0:00 on May 20 returned.

2, an assembly of three enthusiasts will prove convertible lovers package (includes Huang Yuxian sound boxes and permanent dynamic butterfly title.

3, love the big draw:

(1 on May 20 the same day, the amount of consumption for every single mall ingot 1000, will receive a raffle ticket.

(2 raffle tickets available for the draw at NPC Shuanger place.

(33 raffle tickets raffle, have access to: Begonia No Rain (tradable, vitality Dan study, vitality Dan advanced, monthly drills, Yu law.

(42 raffle tickets raffle, have access to: lead seal soul soul, universities Collector's Edition, vitality Dan Intermediate, three times the experience of character, experience double break.

(51 raffle tickets raffle, have access to: Monthly Wei Ming drilling, Yu law, vitality Dan primary, day Tibetan sea drilling, battle horn.

Game scene

[Love of life · Summer Run]

1, May 20 the same day at 19: 00-22: 00, full-service experience and enjoy the rain.

2, May 20 the same day, the consumption per single-serving over 10,000 gold, all online players will receive an experience bonus, get up to 50 times a day reward.

[520 timed spike]

Designated the whole point of the day May 20 12:00 -22 points during the part of the mall props will be timed spike. Spike each for up to 320 seconds, each time limited sale items (multiple items share quantity. Exceeded limit the number of props section will not discount.

520 timed spike

[Anywhere, timed spike]

Time: at 12:00 on May 20 -22 points corresponding to the whole point of open.


1, Pocket Edition May 20 o'clock the same day 12:00 -22 points for a limited time PC end timing of the spike activity corresponding to remedy props.

2, props can remedy the client PC to receive, can enjoy the use of limit buy price spike after the designated goods.

3, each remedial physical props consumes only 10 points.

[Yuan Ling returned]

Time: at 0:00 on May 20 - May 26 24.

Cumulative return to get the corresponding content from the PC end of the conversion element of spiritual force reaches a corresponding value.

Yuan Ling returned

Recharge Achievement Award:

Optional brackets to reach the amount corresponding to reward mutually exclusive recharge Achievement Award, you can choose only one of them:

Fantasy gift vouchers * 3 (14500, Chicken Hom Gift (ban (14500, blueberry step shake Gift (tradable (17300.

Collect three enthusiasts will prove convertible lovers package (includes Huang Yuxian sound boxes and permanent dynamic butterfly title.

game screenshot

[New martial secluded grove country paradox joy and uninhibited]

According to previous leaks, the new martial secluded grove country is a paradox of the martial art, the courage to join the rivers and lakes children mostly uninhibited wild, informality in the etiquette, the most efficient way of fighting for the sake of practice at Mogong. What they will Wild about the way the pattern? how different will give players a new experience? let us look forward to the day broke the 520 games love it!

World 3

The new martial art career, new weapons, new chapter in the story of all would unfold gradually add in 3 >> << world of the Wild. Secluded grove country born from the war in strange, because the players will be added to bloom in the Wild .520 dazzling style game day is about love struck! Online promotions amazing discounts, not to be missed! Soon invited to join a small partner 3 >> << world, there is love in this day of 520 declared to the world that you love it! Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 網易遊戲熱愛日 《天下3》送豪禮向你表白

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