War online game "war" elite experience and announced the first test time

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Lead: Netease game 2016 annual conference held today in Guangzhou, ultra-realistic 3D war games << >> war to become the most dazzling 'star' one of the products, shocking promotional video, producer Wang Xi wonderful interpretation of the game, finally broke the test of time, so that players have pleasantly surprised. June 24, ultra-realistic 3D war games << >> war will open elite experience, July 15, the first technical test will shake kicked off!

War imminent

ROCK & WAR! Promotional video with a sense debut

When the war met rock, dynamic encounter when blood, blood began to burn, passion begins to boil! << >> War with a sense of super promotional video caught everyone's attention - rain of fire across the sky, shouts and the sound of horses, artillery roaring, sergeant fearless assault, with the fast-paced, dynamic sound and flash of the camera, as if a war epic, rock style clips and music just the perfect blend of modern elements to the rhythm among the ominous sound of drums like a dense march before, led the players back to the Ming Dynasty grand battlefield a taste of the hot weapons and cold weapons coexistence, heroes and Jian Xiong coexist brilliant era!

War history books, often seem rigid and incomprehensible, but the war in << >> war propaganda video, but more passionate, intense, fast-paced. Scout enemy lurking inquire dynamic, first cavalry to seize the favorable terrain, from archers distant shot out of the sky arrow array, musketeers away from the hail of bullets fired to kill, impregnable defense shield soldiers in front of the array, infantry slowly approaching the city ?????? battlefield Raiders belong brave and the wise, and the glory belongs to the winner and a hero!

Age of iron and fire

In order to show the real quality of the game, << >> war propaganda video games all memoir, and strive to be the most realistic gaming scenes and ultra-fine game screen WYSIWYG display directly to the player, and allow players to see the game how to fight and conquest, for the players to bring a passionate sensory experience, so that players can not wait to show across the screen visit the battlefield laser burning scene!

Secret & introduction, general war >> << dream come true

In the conference, war >> << producer Wang Hidden Taiwan speech on the night after more than two thousand well-developed from the war >> << a comprehensive interpretation, directed from the heart of the Corps free to move, changing unpredictable formation of the art of war, the generals fighting to fill the gap and impressionist military force his right angles, which sandboxes weapons, fighting equipment and other super-rich has the audience for the first test >> << war expectations doubled.

Wang Xi said the hearts of everyone, are buried with a general dream, although it is difficult to achieve, even in this materialistic age a bit out of tune, but it never devoid always entrenched in the depths of our hearts. And fight << Italy >> General put to help us achieve that dream! << >> War will create an extremely free world war, in which players will be unprecedented exploration, adventure, get hearty experience.

General Dreams

Wang Xi announced ultra-realistic 3D war games << >> war will be June 24 open elite experience, welcome to the elite players to experience the game in advance. July 15, << >> war will officially open the first technical test more players will have the opportunity to battle through to the Ming Dynasty, the leading combat enemy fun!

& Mysterious connotation, vanguard net stunning debut

Want to learn more about >> << war, the first version of the stunning debut today's official website will give you the most comprehensive interpretation so far. First edition's official website is full of mystery and culture, a military commander does not reveal positive face sideways, looks completely hidden beneath the mask, but not emotions, full of mystery, could not help but think about his true identity, he is from what armies, but also shoulder the kind of mission? why did he want to put on a mask, not to the real capacity show people? he is tracking about, or being chased? I believe in the war >> << world to open the door, the questions will be answered.

First version of the official website of the overall style is very elegant, full Relics implies a heavy sense of history culture, suggesting that war >> << rich culture from cityscape to customs, from the dress to the instrument formation, battle << Italy >> every aspect, are close to the true history of the Ming Dynasty, from the inside exudes cultural aroma.

Mysterious generals

<< >> War battlefield tactical strategy more in need of adjuvant, only brute courage, strikes only when a brave soldier, but with wisdom, you can become armed forces command of Marshal! Play << >> war, to know what is war, but also to understand what is strategizing.

Official website of the publishing concise, generals, arms, formation, clarity of the instrument are presented to the player, allowing the player to war >> << have a more intuitive understanding of the mass of information, waiting for your tap.

The first test is approaching, heroes array! One million soldiers flags fluttering, glorious war drums rumble! Ultra-realistic 3D war gaming elite >> << first experience of war will open June 24, the first technical test will be July 15 shock struck! Fast landing << >> war first version of the official website >>>, reservation precious activation!

About << war >>

<< >> War Netease's 'studio and sing' took four years of effort to build ultra-realistic 3D war gaming. Based on the Ming background, allowing the player in the game four expeditions, vertical and horizontal battlefield, to restore the great cold weapons war of the Worlds. << >> war with a very fine picture quality and ultra-high performance, Netease 2016 strategic-level products.


<< >> War original instant action tactics (Real-time Action Tactic play. Players can Heroic flame in the battlefield, and to be formations, commanding legions fighting game with a lower third-person perspective, with a high degree battlefield into a sense of both flexible and very realistic generals single operation, but also to policy changes and digging corps command on the depth of the fighting on the ancient way of fighting the real war, weapons, equipment, apparatus, the Corps have extremely high accuracy and reduction of physical material. combat action moves filled with tension and a sense of power, avoiding the boring sense of style brush brush mowing, but also incomprehensible without fighting smooth refreshing.

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Traditional Chinese: 戰爭網遊《戰意》公布精英體驗及首測時間

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