520 Day Song Zhongji confession airport live Zhao Yihuan sweet strikes

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Surely many fans still immersed in the weekend Song Zhongji fan meeting in Beijing station aftertaste it. Did not rest a few days, but also non-stop on Obama went to Wuhan to participate this weekend in Wuhan fan meeting.

This morning, before boarding a flight from South Korea to Wuhan, Chung Ji Ouba of accompanying staff will open a live, early in the morning so that they will be able to see her husband concubine handsome face warmer.

520 Day Song Zhongji confession airport live Zhao Yihuan sweet strikes

When fans pleasantly surprised to find Chung Ji Ouba again appeared in a live, apart from hair barrage greet her husband with nationals, also organized the orderly formation: some fans expressed hastened to make Live links to share out more many fans know, when some fans asked us to send her husband Closeup of small little gift, not to block her husband's handsome face ...... when Song Zhongji out from the lounge, and immediately came to the front of the screen mask off smiling with a live Sign playing the greeting.

520 Day Song Zhongji confession airport live Zhao Yihuan sweet strikes

Those who claim the need to get up lazy kiss Song Zhongji concubine who your husband to meet with you early in the morning to catch a plane back to you live, do you have any reason to not work hard? After all, only have the ability to work hard to make money chase husband ah!

In addition, today there are Zhao Yi Huan Qiu Ci Xuan, Du Haitao, Li Ronghao stars such large coffee to give his a live debut in the 520 confession day, house men and women of God Zhao Yi Huan is a live friends brought their own new single << previous boyfriend and a new movie << 708 090 >> Shenzhen >> Love Song in the Air, outspoken Huanhuan with friends talk about anything, answer, Zhao Yihuan also joked that his mouth is flexible and constantly at the screen beep mouth selling Meng, users also used a steady stream of gifts to express love Huanhuan, the cumulative viewership 3.428 million, while the highest number of online 675,000.

It is reported that Obama and goddesses gathered a broadcast, and the second is a microblogging jointly launched shoot live internet. User can either download a live Watch live APP can also be viewed directly through the micro-Bo. With great advantages in the field of the star, a live on-line soon attracted Li Bingbing, Huang Xiaoming, Song Zhongji, Zhou Xun, Jiang Xin, Li and other stars opened live broadcast on the microblogging star to watch the total has more than 100 million times. the 'National husband' Song Zhongji in Beijing fan meeting, which attracted 11 million visitors crowd, like point number is as high as 29 million.

This weekend, Obama came to Wuhan to see it! Concubine can not come to be through a live APP Weibo and view real-time live Oh!

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Traditional Chinese: 520表白日 宋仲基機場直播 趙奕歡甜蜜來襲

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