Vatican Zoe, from all the romantic charm of the ultimate beauty

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Quality, from both world charm

VONZOEY Vatican Zoe 'from the glamor capital of the world - Paris, France', filled with a romantic and intoxicating charm of the country, its rich artistic culture and French romantic atmosphere, making the Vatican Zoe exudes innate expansive and unique charm in 2013, with a confident and independent concept of luxury, Zoe Vatican officially entered China for domestic consumers to show its three high-end product lines, to make people feel extreme care from the romantic charm of the capital.

? Flavorsome - Vatican Zoe Fragrances

Stylized 'fragrant wind fashion' classic French perfume VONZOEY Vatican Zoe, represented inherited from the French aristocratic descent - an independent, self-confident and vibrant images, the women's sweet and elegant show in between the invisible, while wise men show the most charm. Zoe Van men / Women Fragrances for this tremendous spring fragrance.

? Stylish professional - Vatican Zoe Makeup Collection

High-end French brand Vatican Zoe Cosmetics for the beauty of you, bring the leading edge of beauty and charm. Burst of color, abundance of effects, whether or partial facial makeup lip and eye makeup, makeup for consumers Vatican Zoe create a kind of brightly shining glory and the ultimate move, stunning and charming.

? High-end luxury - Vatican Zoe Skin Care

Vatican Zoe as the French high-end skin care brand, developed the first diamond core bio-ceramic technology, the internal net through the skin really tough, glossy external younger. Zoe Vatican, is committed to making every woman in beauty and elegant passed confident, independent and luxurious life creed.

Beautiful, from the ultimate pampering experience

VONZOEY Vatican Zoe on April 29, 2016, on the first floor Belle International Plaza Shanghai held the first round of product launches - Shanghai Station promotion spot brand invited supporters and professionals within the industry scene, for everyone after the show the brand concept and product details, the presence of even more people from some personal experience extreme care all the charm. so that every visit guests enjoy the luxury of aesthetics, to explore and discover their own independence, confidence and multifaceted image.

About VONZOEY Vatican Zoe

From France's top female make-up skin care brand in France has the world-class lab and developed the world's first diamond core bio-ceramic technology to create microcrystalline diamond skin care philosophy, which owns a variety of high-end luxury skin care category.

January 2013, VONZOEY Zoe brand in the Vatican's formal entry into China, China headquarters in Shanghai.

December 18, 2015, signing Angelababy official Vatican endorsement Zoe's vanilla fragrance.

As of date, VONZOEY Vatican Zoe has completed registration Location: Canada, China, Hong Kong, China Taiwan, Macao, China.

Vatican State 2016 VONZOEY Zoe is registered: the 28-nation European Union, South Korea, Singapore, the United States, Japan, Australia, Thailand and Malaysia.

VONZOEY Vatican Zoe, excellent quality, to create classics. Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 梵佐伊,來自浪漫魅力之都的極致之美

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