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The highest state of health of the active health >> << Canon of Medicine, said:. 'Diet, living there often do not make any rash of labor, it can form both with God, and do his later years, a hundred degrees is to go. 'active health can enhance physical fitness, improve health literacy, health formed together, can ensure the health, can prolong life.

Active health, disease-free but also health

Health initiative, a little more healthy, life president of a little healthy discounts, little more than disease, life will be a little shorter. Usually to health, the sick doctor. Benevolent Lok water there heaven and earth, wise Leshan shade. Zhiti US all-round development, the achievements of the life, health, old age. do a happy mood, regular exercise, adequate sleep, balanced nutrition, health force is formed.

Active rest, do not rest too tired

People will not rest will work, the current work pressure, life stress is also large, state advocates Friday working system, which is a positive way of physical and mental rest. Active rest, I do not mean to steal rape Shuahua particular mental after a period of study or work, the body and the brain has not yet appeared fatigue, but also take the initiative to rest, so to play a coordinating body and organ function, improve the body's immunity and disease resistance. Ruoyi fatigue is an alarm signal, it reminds your body is already overloaded, they should stop and adjust the pace of work, quietly close your eyes closed, what is not going to want to slow down the work pressure.

Initiative to drink water, thirsty to drink water

1500 ml of water per day, thirsty to drink water is one of the seven essential nutrients, in the normal operation of life-sustaining activities and disease prevention and health play an important role, do not feel thirsty before drinking water as produce thirst , indicating that the body of water is out of balance, the cells begin to dehydration, then the water was too late, especially the elderly lack of drinking water, causes liver and kidney function decreased, increased blood viscosity, thrombosis and even induce a variety of diseases elderly care professionals Jau advice: after getting to the office, 11:00, half an hour after lunch, 15:00, before work, after dinner, before going to sleep one hour, choose several times to drink a glass of water, can help you easily complete the amount of water a day. add a certain amount of water, can reduce blood levels, promote blood circulation, but also help health.

Eat on time, eat too hungry

'Diet, Diet to time.' Some people do not eat breakfast or not eating on time, very detrimental to health because the food in the stomach after 4-5 hours will be fully emptied when hungry, the stomach gastric juice (acid has begun to 'digest' the gastric mucosa, the long run, easily lead to chronic gastritis or peptic ulcer. regular diet, eating on time, and more conducive to health care.

Bed on time, do not have to sleep sleepy

Sleep is the best way of repose, metabolic activity is an important physiological processes, who lives about 1/3 of the time is spent in sleep. Only to develop good sleep habits, to ensure that not less than seven hours a day sleep, noon nap for an hour and a half, in order to maintain the normal operation of the human body clock. some people have no restraint, not the storm without sleep, even sleepy struggling also, which is not conducive to protecting brain cells and maintain brain function, over time, more likely to cause insomnia, trouble will harm life.

Regular bowel movements, no intention toilet

Urine is an important way the body excrete waste, normal metabolism of constipation is harmful to health, home health in Han Wang Chong said:.. 'Enriching longevity, intestine often clear,' Therefore, to develop regular bowel habits, even without it is intended, but also into the toilet, maintaining smooth stool. urine should also be kept at about 7 to 8 times a day, one to hold back up to not more than 3 to 4 hours, even though there is no obvious urinate, but also tried to urinate.

Their own entertainment, no joyful laughter

The spirit of cool people every happy event, picked up gold ingot every day, no happy event but also laughter. As the saying goes, 'smile ten years less,' smiling, spirits, can improve immune function and enhance the body's natural killer cell activity, every day your laughter, It is one of the '90 smiles' of longevity, to take the initiative to seek joy, see more comedy, comic, read more jokes, talk about the joy of the happy event, make yourself smiling and longevity.

Not disease prevention, disease-free physical examination also

Whether sick disease, regular physical examination is an important measure of not disease prevention, 'prevention is better than cure', can detect early problems, it found that 'the disease do not know who' will be nipped in the bud stage of the disease, than to have no disease doctor disease doctor better. At present, national awareness of health care continue to enhance the proportion of hospital medical examination annually to the number continues to increase, which is consistent with the theory of Chinese medicine advocated 'died has been ill for treating disease'. Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 主動養生 讓養生成為習慣

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