"Do not call the older generation, my idol called"

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'Do not call the older generation, my idol called'

Zhejiang Honglei Zhang Yixing and TV contributor

Chinese Commercial News reporter Liu Yu

Chongqing Daily News yesterday, Zhejiang TV will begin broadcasting in May 31 good drama << >> Mr. organized launch conference in Beijing, starring Honglei Jiang Shuying, Wang Yaoqing, car knows, especially starred in Zhang Yixing, Guan Xiaotong and behind creative full debut. Although propaganda drama, but still a variety Honglei Fan children, the whole conference, filled with his cries of laughter and magic.

During the interview, Honglei told reporters: 'I think I was an actor, not a coffee variety, I still have to take acting I was a very serious actor, do not tell me a joke ah..' He criticized the current TV environment: 'the script is now very low nutrition, malnutrition ah. Fortunately, the ability to self-cultivation is still relatively strong, and occasionally in the text which, in the plot which saw some of the more interesting things. good play less and less, so now impetuous, we do not do so now content a little good script, more and more bad script 'Honglei said that if future market also so impetuous, he will do it yourself:'.. a little hard yourself, do slightly higher quality of some of the things, doing his will not mean nothing. I think whether it is life or creation, there is still hope for the best. '

He is still holding the conference site in the reality show personality: not a good speech, love finding fault such as when a senior Zhang Yixing one called him, always Honglei Yoshimasa sternly said:.. 'Do not call the older generation, my idol called'

It is reported that Mr. >> << good about Honglei played by the US-based star Michelin chef Lu Yuan, died in a car accident because of a close friend to bring his daughter home, the face of new love, old love is love entanglement new love is played by Jiang Shuying overbearing wealthy . '? Do not call Honglei teacher, you can call me Makerere how' women in the conference, Jiang Shuying been Honglei tube called 'teacher', he was immediately angered not want to, Honglei spot broke the news: 'she usually ?! is not drinking, and every time I shoot, have to drink a bottle, I ask why you drink, she said 'find people feeling it,' 'Jiang Shuying explained:' the strong hero bile wine, or I did not dare chase he and I every time very low-key, mounted wine bottle of mineral water. 'then ask Honglei Jiang Shuying he is not so handsome? Honglei Jiang Shuying to hit a score of 99.

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Traditional Chinese: 『不要叫前輩,叫我偶像』

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