Luo Yuan: US military "Forced" China to strengthen air and sea defenses

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According to the US Defense Department said a US EP-3 reconnaissance plane in international airspace on Tuesday at the South China Sea, the flight, two Chinese J-11 fighter was 'unsafe' ways to intercept, separated by only 50 feet (about 15 m). US Air Force Gen. Herbert Carlisle issued a statement, expressed strong dissatisfaction.

It's like a thief to spy on other people's privacy, people install a fence, but to condemn the thief, the world is there anything so strange. Thanks to the US military also face up in protest! Shameless heard, but not seen been so shameless. a country to maintain its coastal defense, border security is a universal axiom for granted. other countries military aircraft, warships near US airspace, when sea traffic, the US military should not be at or near the observation, evidence, and even with flying, drove it? how to China to become a 'dangerous actions' of the. do not let US planes blatantly, brazenly reconnaissance, called 'professional'? your 'professional', in fact, is the Chinese military's 'dereliction of duty' your security is in fact dangerous Chinese sovereignty. Now, the US plane was a dangerous, you are right, please hurry away from China not to offend China, which is the Chinese military in their loyalty and good professional qualities to the motherland, to provocateurs release of 'dangerous signal', they never allow the second 'Wang incident' from happening again.

To China came close surveillance has become a chronic illness affect Sino-US military relations, the US military can not misjudge this behavior is 'second nature,' which is not 'natural', which is provocative, it is a violation of international banditry axiom. Age different, Sino-US balance of power has shrunk, and the United States set their own rules of the game must be handed to modify the security channel, not overbearing security;. the freedom of navigation, freedom is not rampant; came close surveillance can not be without risk, provocation you must be punished.

US leaders have reached a consensus on the establishment of new relations between big powers, the core message is 'no conflict, not confrontation,' US military warships to the South China Sea recently frequent reconnaissance provocation is clearly contrary to the consensus reached by their leaders. It came close surveillance is to create conflict and confrontation. there are a big reason the United States again, we can not call this behavior as 'friendly' act now? uS civilian aircraft, commercial vessels to carry out friendly exchanges to China, we welcome, but the problem now is that the US warplanes warships sent to the South China Sea is the country, but also came close surveillance, this is not a 'militarization' what is it? this is not a military provocation, then what? What country would allow military aircraft warships of other countries total swinging in their own house. If the United States has a 'peek' disease, is willing to go where to vent to vent, but away from China! how wrong his American allies came close surveillance? came close surveillance itself is to put China's own opposite, that is provocative, offenders have to, of course we want to expulsion, right and proper!

The two sides are committed to the establishment of maritime, air security consultation mechanism, but the establishment of this mechanism is intended to prevent a crisis, not to make American-made crisis, and let China avoidance; the United States came close surveillance, and let the Chinese not to 'misjudge' ;.! the United States non-professional provocation, and let the Chinese 'professional,' the patient it is not fair to crisis prevention fundamental policy is not to create a crisis, Sino-US military aircraft to avoid a collision fundamental policy, the US plane away from China's airspace and territorial waters, otherwise lead to 'false' rests entirely by the United States should take full responsibility.

US planes came close to China's airspace to carry out reconnaissance in the South China Sea, China set up Forced air defense identification zone. In the case of unknown circumstances, we must recognize the identity of approaching aircraft, ships, military or civilian in the end? Is the enemy or friendly forces ? What's intent is to? this requires a recognition area, warning area, even the warning zone, which is a precautionary measure to prevent the accidental discharge incidents. China has been based on good intentions to maintain peace and stability in the South China Sea, and maintained a species restraint tolerant attitude, but the uS military aircraft warships frequent access to the South China Sea, forcing us to have to set up air defense identification zone crisis prevention as one of the options.

Thanks for aviation blue guards, have you bloody with their loyalty and defend the motherland's security and dignity, with their superb skill you expelled the offenders to .15 meters to make offenders gripped 15 meters distance display the bold your arts high and 15 meters further demonstrates our army to safeguard national sovereignty and territorial security of determination and will, leave the dangerous opponent, leaving the security of the motherland. pay tribute to the heroes! (the author is China strategy culture Association Executive Vice President and Secretary General) Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 羅援:美軍“倒逼”中國加強海空防衛

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