Hong Kong BEPOSH bring instant issuance of dense hair hair loss program to enter the Chinese market

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BEPOSH, Hong Kong issuance of dense hair thick hair fiber from the US agency brand strength of R & D, announced last week entered the Chinese market alopecia, Beposh alopecia Chinese market will inject new blood .Beposh development began in 2001, the United States and European Integration Research strength, unity and leading physicians and experts, focused investigation of hair loss situation in Asia, and thus customized hair instantly close the program, the fight against aging, the thick hair dense hair research up to unprecedented new heights.

Short period of time, BEPOSH Bopo dense hair fibers are authoritative professional hair transplant surgeons with top salon hairdresser strongly recommend the authority of the brand, this BEPOSH enter Chinese market alopecia, bringing instant issuance of dense hair thick hair thin hair who is solutions and products, provide the best solution for their hair covered.

Survey shows China alopecia adult population by 2003, 30 percent of the direct soared to 82%, has become one of the hair loss problem seriously disturbed China's adult life, a common male pattern baldness, the Mediterranean, alopecia areata, hairline becomes higher phenomenon; women are because of age due to insufficient soft hair, thinning hairline or local phenomena such as blood thinning hair. life looking objects, interview positions, see clients on business, to attend the banquet and so important because the image of the head of thinning hair problem itself often lose loose or miss a good opportunity to deal with thinning hair problem, BEPOSH said instant issuance program in thirty seconds, 'long' hair, so you'll have a head of hair thirty seconds to give hair a makeup, change hair, thin hair to solve problems, allows you to instantly start from scratch.

It is reported that, BEPOSH dense hair fiber is a fiber powder, the use of positive and negative electrostatic attraction principle can be firmly attached to the hair fiber, real ones, made bolus effect, Case BEPOSH user video captured before and after comparison using user-supplied and BEPOSH picture, we ordinary people are difficult to distinguish with the naked eye is real hair or fiber wig, just tens of seconds can issuance of thick hair dense hair, said BEPOSH is a magical and with innovative products, can not be overemphasized .

Hong Kong BEPOSH bring instant issuance of dense hair hair loss program to enter the Chinese market

User BEPOSH before and after comparison chart.

BEPOSH Asian operations center, general manager of China Mr. Yan introduction, providing a safe and healthy thinning hair who is BEPOSH product has been adhering to the concept of environmental protection, BEPOSH dense hair is 100% natural fiber products, the use of only two natural ingredients: 1, extracted from only produced in extremely hot areas of rare plants (Gossypium herbaceum fiber), 2, and magnetic field based on natural rock filtration mineralization after natural mineral dye (naturally occurring mineral colorants), the use of these two special ingredients BEPOSH only 200 lose adhesion than ordinary fiber, and not to hurt the scalp, not contaminated clothing, the most important thing is the human body is without any harm and side effects.

Of course, since it is an instant issuance products during use must not be very complicated. Mr Yan told reporters BEPOSH use as an ordinary cosmetic use as very simple difference is that ordinary cosmetics to the skin is wiped, sprayed BEPOSH is the way, and personally Reporters demonstrates how to use BEPOSH will BEPOSH fiber powder sprayed onto thin hair area, thin hair thick portion can be immediately changed, beginning with the most BEPOSH customers after a few uses can be skilled with BEPOSH thick hair, immediately get rid of thinning hair problems.

BEPOSHi dense hair fiber instantly thick hair dense hair, hair loss cover, allowing you to get rid of thin hair problems, regain confidence!

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Traditional Chinese: 香港BEPOSH攜瞬間增發密發方案進入中國脫發市場

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