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Digital Rights Management DRM is the acronym, it is translated into a digital rights management, you can simply be understood as a DRM technology, aimed at 'combating piracy' advanced technology. Its nature is reflected in the technology protection of digital objects are not the product itself, but the use of these products, 'the right to use' like in order to ensure safety of your files, except that you will lock them into extremely strong safe, but also to the file encryption, DRM the latter technique is undoubtedly the most vivid manifestation of the benefits of doing so is to reduce the cost of confidentiality, security increased.

The most mainstream of the three genuine PC gaming platform

So DRM technology is now widely used in almost all digital product piracy in the field of music, documents, software, etc., whereas Steam, Uplay and Origin is the application of DRM technology, 'digital product sales platform,' whom they protected, It is to bring our fun video game software.

However, if the above is Gabe Newell to hear, he would scoff as Valve Software's boss, the founder of Steam platform, which is dubbed the G fat people legend, for so many people a headache piracy, has its own insights in his own words:. 'overall, we think the industry 'piracy' has a very basic misunderstanding, in fact, piracy is more a problem because the service, rather than price issues, such as pirated software genuine software sale and global availability, and genuine software but there are regional restrictions damn! - three months after the listing in the United States to buy in your country so that the substance of DRM technology is in fact eliminate this trade barrier, the goal of our Steam platform is to provide a more valuable service than the pirates. '

Founder of Valve boss, Steam platform Gabe Newell


G fat is certainly not talk about even, because Steam platform is a concrete manifestation of this 'eliminate barriers to trading, to provide the best service'. On this platform, you can find almost all known video game works, from the age-old full pixel block is < >, To support 1080P lets you adrenaline are more than five times the speed of < > The latest make, you can quickly thrown into their shopping cart, so dark and stormy weekend a month, spend a full 'DOOM Night' tomato sauce, special tips, their price is very advantage, at least not let your wallet holds little hands kept shaking, and all kinds of 'discounts' campaign with the festival dates on the calendar are constantly being introduced, the only thing you have to do is occasionally staring Steam platform, to prevent missed a cheaper price Wumart 'game shopping day.'

Whether you want to play the latest masterpiece, or can be found in antique Steam

In addition to these traditional masterpiece, if you like an 'alternative game' freak, Steam platform that is your choice. On this platform, you can always find a similar request to produce documents << >> << and her >> the story so full of strange creative work, so speaking to you, Steam has become a 'worldwide independent game big supermarket.'

Steam is a treasure trove of independent game

This is the Steam platform huge advantage in games end: The wide variety of games, game listed quickly and without helplessly wistfully style wait, not ridiculously high price to your body and mind and wallet of inflicting double damage, of course, some games price currently. still looks a bit like stealing money, but you can take the 'time for space' approach - wait for some days and other discount Jiuhaola and you do not have to worry about in this period of waiting days too boring, because Steam. internet there are a lot of good quality free games waiting for you to discover the region.

But Steam can be more than just a 'video game buying platform' so simple, because in addition to 'play', you can in this platform 'stroll.' Specifically, you can see your friends on the game, recently of course you can also specifically state Tucao about a really boring game or a game point to a big 'thumbs up,' Yes, Steam platform a bit like a 'circle of friends' you instant status and you proud the game experience can be reflected here, it gives you will be the concept of 'home', so your identity is not just a 'consumer video game', but a 'video game culture communicator.'

Community-based players exchange is an important part of Steam

This is also the Steam platform Another worthwhile features, community-based user experience that lets you freely in the body of electronic games and electronic games two cultural circles, accessible through, you play video games is not only your individual experience memories, but also share it through wonderful way. the most practical effect is that during the game you pick the time is not so blind, you do not worry about the game works section shoddy version or false propaganda, look for the game on Steam after a lot of evaluation, it will let you be 'a pretty good idea.'

Of course, all of the above is not to say Steam platform was flawless at all, in fact, its drawbacks and its advantages simultaneously, but unfortunately did not complement each other, which is the 'localization' of the problem, reflected especially from advantages side, price Steam gaming platform on the very intimate takes into account the actual situation of our domestic players, so we do not go against the terrible exchange rate and the uS and European players, like paying the same money to buy the same game, in fact, Steam China region, the price of the game than the lower of the two regions on a 10% -30% or more, which will undoubtedly make our players applauded while Steam also earned huge profits.

Steam has so far failed to pay the perfect solution to the problem

However, the 'means of payment,' said aspect, Steam platform of 'localization' is not perfect, players use 'CUP' is paid, it will often encounter delays Trading System - obviously already paid, 'shopping basket' actually empty, the delay can not receive the game, which is criticized by many players' cards list ', the solution is you have to wait one day to a week, ranging from time, or simply use a bank card with VISA agreement However VISA card remains a problem, this becomes a VISA debit often unsuccessful, but this phenomenon is not frequent, but compared to 'Alipay' in the Steam platform that poor performance, the above problem is simply 'see nothing in big witch. '

Specifically, it is 'Alipay' appears in the Steam platform, the 'one-card' phenomenon, there have been 'unsuccessful charge' problem, Steam solution is, uh, simply delete the 'Alipay' payment . the reason is probably really tired Steam frequently liquidity policy, exchange rate and so bring problems, but for the majority of domestic players, but lost a relatively easy means of payment is relatively straightforward, so At present, the means of payment Steam platform remaining five species: CUP, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and recently joined Bitcoin, as to the kind of player is more suitable, that is a 'eyes of the beholder, the wise see wisdom' problems friends.

'Localization' Another problem is also reflected in the network connection, whether you choose is which network operators, will always appear Caton speed when downloading games platform Steam, excruciatingly slow, even can not download case the only thing you can do is to try again, and when your friends online through Steam platform and game experience, 'Unable to connect' or wait for the situation to disconnect after coping methods used exactly the same. but this situation does not signs of large-scale outbreak but occasionally, at least better than Upaly origin and internet network connections on the good experience too much.


Uplay is Ubisoft research and development aimed at combating software piracy, expand their own game products extend the value of multi-functional trading platform. It originated in the classical masterpiece << >> Assassins Creed 2 2009, specifically in the works, with genuine players will continue to promote the progress of the game and unlock a variety of achievements, which appears in the form of U point, the role is to Uplay platform to exchange clothing, weapons, etc. special bonus.

Uplay launched the original intention is to combat software piracy

Today Ubisoft Uplay platform has been involved in all of its video game products, as well as a watchdog >> << Assassin's Creed >> << rainbow from the series 6 <<: >> siege, so if you are a product of Ubisoft fans, Uplay platform that is tailored to your 'community', you can buy in this community to cheaper than Steam platform video game products, and information about the various types of products, 'season ticket', of course it the label must be 'Ubisoft made', you can also download the DLC paid or unpaid on a game, or the upgrade patch file, in order to further enhance your gaming experience.

In fact even if you are in the Steam platform buy Ubisoft games, the game system will still start Upaly mandatory, of course, the purpose of doing so is to increase user stickiness and anti-piracy software, but only if Upaly platform itself is not a lot of problems and frequent, but unfortunately, for the basic requirements, Uplay still not fully met.

Ubisoft Uplay own games on more price advantage

Most people criticized the 'dropping line' of the problem resulting from Ubisoft itself called 'potato' that server quality is really bad, it is also a long-standing problem, but did not seem to take the current Ubisoft an effective way to be resolved, so many to express their deep dissatisfaction with the players deliberately ridicule the rainbow on the 6th <<: << siege >> called the rainbow on the 6th: dropped >>, << the whole territory and the blockade >> also known as << >> dropped the whole territory, but the issue seems specific network connection and players have no small level of relationship, but so frequent and intense that appear in multiple Ubisoft game, really affect Uplay platform to the players for the evaluation.

If the 'dropping line' issue has tentatively 'vary' variables in it, that 'cloud swap file' problem, it is simply unforgivable. In fact, this would have been a good idea, will be archived on the game cloud, so the player is not limited in space and time, and enjoy the games instantly bring a wonderful experience, but the actual experience has become a 'cloud archive' = 'cloud swap file,' said white, the player hard archive immediately disappeared in the clouds, with no archive the same! The problem is unacceptable, not only because it has become a hit players Uplay platform for confidence reasons, it is becoming the player to the grounds of pirated products - players can not enjoy the game through Uplay platform, has become a veritable 'Genuine software victims. '

In addition to the above problems, Uplay platform installation and update there will be some trouble, such as the installation will somehow stuck to verify the product key when the occasional 'can not be activated' message, including updates on the way players will see progress even update fails, the only effective way is to restart the computer or reinstall the system, of course, this method is not effective times and.

Uplay support CUP card payment is superior to Steam

As for the means of payment, Uplay payment is paypal, but more than that is a good platform Steam, Uplay allows you to link your bank card, either VISA or CUP protocol support can be perfect, and headache 'card list' problem hardly occurs. in general, the actual experience Uplay and Steam platform to platform compared to the case, indeed obvious gaps, which doomed Uplay platform still have a long way to walk alone need it .


Origin and Uplay platform's purpose platform similar, in order to expand their own influence in the game to improve user stickiness video games digital distribution platform, but the platform is against the object of a lot of EA's games, so its audience too EA point to a large number of fans.

EA's brands have more than enough support Origin game platform

The platform was launched to replace the EA before the EA Store and EA Downloader, the latter two effects is just terrible, the system itself is not that there are many problems, the user experience is poor to the extreme. From this point of view, Origin He is a qualified successor, because it is closer to the actual experience rather than Steam Uplay, for example, it has a similar 'circle of friends' in social sharing features and functionality for live, a huge portfolio and the corresponding tool library, etc. community features basically all types of players and fans meet EA requirements.

But its problems are highlighted in terms of price, especially for mainland players, buying games on Origin, is not so cheap. Origin strange because the IP address of the continent go to Europe, so the players have to mainland to the beloved games, and pay the same price as the European players, the solution is to change your IP address, or cross-purchase, uh, go to X Bao later may be more affordable, but at the same regardless of the kind of approach has a certain risk, let Origin 'user stickiness' significantly weakened.

For domestic players, Origin does not yet have a clear price advantage

Luckily Orgin online experience is pretty good, at least the majority of players do not suffer frequent dropped the issue, but the problem still exists vary variable, you think you can not be online in Battlefield 4 >> << Lane influence, your friends may be dropped off incessantly and loudly complained: 'this rotten orange (Orgin!'.

In addition to this problem, Orgin platform itself, there are some problems to be solved, such as when loading online store often play 'Unable to connect', updating the game when players often encounter goods 'can not be updated', the solution still must with 'their hands and clothing,' and to do - modify your Host, connect another download site you see, we have to play a game to become a computer whiz, this requirement can not really highlights the genuine game software services. Advantage.

to sum up

These are described on three platforms, from the actual experience point of view, Steam platform is undoubtedly the best, Uplay and Orgin flat, or that have their own advantages and disadvantages of each, but the gap between them continues to shrink this and the rapid development of China's electronic game industry, the actual situation of rapidly increasing the number of Chinese players inseparable, and that the platform on electronic gaming product sales, far more than their three, such as raptr, Desura domestic fir and fruit etc., and even Bethesda company also intends to establish its own sales platform for our players, these are no doubt good news, because the rise of 'sales platform hot', will herald our future video game experience, will become more convenient, more exciting.

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