Origin and more civilized campaign team battles hand tour "Eternal Civilization" On Limited Test

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In the 2016 annual conference Netease game, Netease game market and channel division, general manager of mobile gaming market unit Zheng Dewei officially launched the effort to build the original IP NetEase new tour - more civilized warfare MMO group hand tour << >> eternal civilization At the same time throw heavy message, eternal civilization << >> will open a limited beta may 31, players can now log on the game's official website open qualification test appointment.

Six civilization epic themes ignition melee

<< >> Is a timeless civilization ancient civilization with a number of world innovation camp scrimmage as a background theme MMO hand travel, Mayan, Egypt, India, China, Europe, Japan ...... those who shine in world history, powerful civilization and country, as well as legendary heroes and kings, all implicated in the same space and time with each other, which both can be tracked in historical mythology, because of collision between civilizations camp subtle, blend and become full of the unknown.

GVG team battles play lead a new era of strong social

Whether it is like fervent MOBA war, still keen on relaxing daily rhythm play, << >> eternal civilization can meet the core needs of all types of players, team battles and enjoy the fun. Hit small team operations, eternal civilization << >> breaking single hand travel situation, targeted design, including the battle of Atlantis, the world's BOSS challenge the team a copy of the story through a series of team battles play more real-time voice control system overall, more Zest battle with a sense!

Experience the perfect visual feast for mobile phones and health

NetEase new tour as the annual masterpiece, << >> eternal civilization has an excellent level of quality end of the tour, shocking sense of physical combat, thousands of material effects, all-star voice cast, to create the ultimate perfect viewing experience in-game battle screen clear, precise hero moves to achieve physical death, crushed model, can damage the scene of high quality visual effects, coupled with the teacher and other invited quarter Guanlin Chinese nation's top voice actors to join, from the visual to auditory, subversion phone MMO experience.

As NetEase games native to make new mobile IP terminal 2016 carry the flag of the first paragraph, the eternal civilization << >> before two technical tests will be its high quality production specifications from the vocal quality to the meticulous combat experience, against a sense of all-round experience to conquer the players now, the game will be held with all the players to meet may 31, hand fans can now travel through eternal civilization << >> official website (http:. // wm. 163.com/ be eligible for appointment (Free activation code for the first time into the game and get the benefits.

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Traditional Chinese: 起源與征戰 多文明團戰手遊《永恒文明》開啟限量測試

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