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[Xinmin Evening News Xinmin net] smashing the old traditional Chinese medicine how to bring out the more outstanding students? Amazing how efficacious Chinese medicine name side from generation to generation? TCM inheritance inevitably encounter real difficulties, Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Longhua Hospital Affiliated to easily out the answer. has the most 'old TCM studio', the first to establish a national TCM clinical base, the national TCM clinical research base for the only two independent commitment focuses on diseases of ...... Longhua hospital, Chinese Medicine hospital industry as 'leading', with fruitful firmly grasp the right to speak at the 60th anniversary of Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese school on the occasion, the reporter walked Longhua hospital, Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese medicine, the hospital experience years of continuous innovation and development has brought great changes.

First Chinese medicine studio

Longhua Hospital was founded in 1960, is one of the earliest established four TCM clinical base the early establishment of the hospital on a blend of Huang Wendong, Shi Xiao Shan, Gu Bohua, Lu thin Yan and many other famous Chinese 'Eight veterans' lay a solid foundation Longhua Chinese medicine. This batch old TCM academic attainments deep, rich clinical experience, through words and deeds, their disciples have grown into the backbone of the pharmaceutical industry.

Traditional apprentice model is the ancient Chinese academic to the inheritance and development of the main mode, you can monasteries faster and more intuitive grasp of traditional Chinese medicine theory and clinical practice skills to speed up the training process of Chinese medicine professionals. At the same time, by conducting traditional apprentice education, the old Chinese medicine experts academic thought and clinical experience can be valuable and effective rescue and heritage. Therefore, under the background of educational institutions, Longhua hospital in 2001 and the first name of the old Chinese medicine studio inheritance pattern, and gradually promote the use of the country Today, the hospital has a national old Chinese academic thought and experience inherited instructor 28, the Shanghai Chinese medicine 21, 32 having formed 'a source of multi-stream' cultural characteristics of Chinese medicine studio, not only for Shanghai and the country's culture a large number of medical ethics, skilled professionals of Chinese medicine, also produced a large number of original clinical research of Chinese medicine in recent five years, it has undertaken 118 national research projects, two national Science and technology progress Award, consecutive Shanghai Science and Technology progress Award three years.

In order to promote the heritage of old TCM schools, hospitals also established a specialized department heritage office, finishing in the name of the old Chinese medical case, then doctors, clinical follow-up notes, etc., and collected a large amount of image data. Professor Liu Jiaxiang's 'righting Act cancer,' Zhu Peiting Professor 'bile from the liver disease,' Professor Zou Jusheng 'eye deep by inspection, deep corneal syndrome' and so on, all of modern Chinese medicine theory and innovative classic.

Disciples clinical diagnosis with the teacher, hand in hand, intimate, teachers purse, daily instruction, preaching FAQ. Longhua Hospital Xiao Zhen said, studying the relationship between teachers and students is different from the 'day as a teacher, life father' , Pick teacher, accompanied the meeting, the teacher was sick rushing and teachers who accompany clinic ...... related things, are rushing to make disciples. bit by bit, all the respect and love from the heart. respecting virtues flourish in the hospital, between the patient become his brother's wife.

Great wings for the transmission of data

TCM Syndrome Diagnosis is usually based on, and it seems difficult to practice modern medicine. However, large data but build a bridge between the two. In order to break through the traditional knowledge of Chinese 'black box' theory, the hospital after nearly five years of large data mining, digital recording has been the core of traditional Chinese medicine famous party experience, analysis, press the 'evidence-based medicine' requirements, to achieve the original graft TCM and modern advanced technology.

Shanghai Chinese medicine Professor Chen Xiangjun, more than 40 years in Chinese medicine has accumulated rich experience, her 'sour and sweet fluid Law' and sour and sweet fluid series of parties in the treatment of syndrome fields dried quite good results. How to find the 'sour and sweet fluid method 'behind the classical side of the pharmacological system? Chen Lao research team selected the last five years of treatment of Sjogren's syndrome, more than 120 cases of secondary referral medical case above all on TCM Disease medical records involved, syndromes, symptoms, party name , drug name and other elements of dialectical standardization process, and then entered into the database, it hopes to reveal Chen Lao Sjogren's syndrome syndrome and law, administration features, easy clinical descendants inherited the use of Chinese medicine experience.

Xiao Zhen president said full advantage of big data, mining the old Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine classical side behind the law is an innovative way to achieve the heritage of traditional Chinese medicine. The next phase will be the treatment of cervical spondylosis 'YHBR Law' dialectical treatment of advanced gastric cancer, 'the spleen method', and gradually large data mining, so that more excellent classical side effect of a long history.

Key to clinical disease Difficulties

In 2008, the Shanghai Longhua Hospital by the National Development and Reform Commission and the State Administration of Traditional freeze as 'national clinical research base construction unit', undertake research in the same period of Traditional Chinese Medicine 'cancer' and 'bone degeneration' big two diseases department. in 2012, the hospital became the Shanghai 'top priority' and 'Chinese medicine prevention and treatment of chronic diseases (cancer, bone degeneration) Medical Center.'

Lung cancer, especially non-small cell lung cancer is an intractable, complex cancer, is 'in the prevention and treatment of cancer medicine' base construction process needed to solve the focus of disease. Oncology, Longhua Hospital under the leadership of Professor Liu Jiaxiang formed 'righting cancer' theory as a guide TCM 'syndrome' system. after years of clinical practice and exploration and research, Professor Liu Jiaxiang emphasis on 'people-oriented', the seventies in the country first put forward the 'righting law' treatment of malignant tumors, and summed up a set of effective medical treatment and prevention of malignant tumor radiotherapy and chemotherapy, Chinese medicine diagnosis and treatment system toxicity.

Tenured professor at Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Shi Qi many years engaged in research and clinical treatment of spinal disease as 'Shih Traumatology,' the representative successors proved that the 'YHBR Law' can retard disc degeneration and its disciples, Longhua Hospital, vice president Yongjun, has led the team to 'Yiqihuayu prevention and treatment degenerative disc disease' systematic in-depth study concludes that 'YQHYR' treatment of cervical and lumbar disease, reveals the unique Chinese medicine in this area Advantage.

Xiao Zhen president said, look at the history of Longhua Hospital, and always adhere to the doctors, 'three' in the name of the road section, the name of the hospital, and look to the future, the hospital will adhere to the construction of the national TCM clinical research base as an opportunity to name TCM studio as a platform to international standards in hospital management (JCI) argument as the starting point, through continuous efforts, inspirational reached the world advanced level in the prevention and treatment of diseases of Chinese medicine, cancer, chronic kidney disease and other degenerative bone areas, and to build a domestic leading, world-renowned modern research medicine.

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