DOD ONE opens new markets for traditional tachograph

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(Zhongguancun Online Guangzhou office tachograph is on-board equipment, the car will inevitably affect the appearance, so small in order to minimize the presence .DOD ONE fuselage length and breadth are only 4.5cm, the screen is only 1.5 inch, but enough to see the vehicle in front license plate .DOD ONE body for the simple cube, aircraft-grade aluminum housing with zero button design, surface shine metallic luster, more texture, high color values more noble .DOD ONE, not only do not let your beautiful car damaged, but also highlight your taste. which products are currently sold at 399 yuan business Ltd. Shenzhen Di Oudi Department, interested friends can contact the merchant directly for inquiry.

DOD ONE opens new markets for traditional tachograph

Tachograph is an emerging industry, originated in Taiwan, and to around 2012, the tachograph was explosively households. However, four years later, car ownership in China reached 192 million while tachograph maintain a large amount of about 3-4 million units. That is, only about 20% of the cars were fitted with the tachograph, are mounted tachograph is really an unnecessary thing?

In-depth analysis of the reasons driving recorder can not fully open the market:

One problem: As a novelty, tachograph is still not all owners are aware of the product.

Second problem: the tachograph overpriced, many owners think not worth it.

Question three: Many owners do not want to let the tachograph affect the car appearance.

Question 4: Many owners of digital products are not familiar with the difficulties worried tachograph operation.

Question 5: Some tachograph poor quality leads to the owner of the tachograph disappointed.

As one of the first production of the tachograph manufacturers, DOD observed these issues and is committed to develop a special product, targeted to solve the above problem, assume the traditional open tachograph not open market mission.

For a problem: in 2016, DOD hand in hand into the new product ONE strong consumer perspective, combined with the unique features of the ONE as a bright spot, strengthen visibility and increase the visibility of the tachograph.

For Second problem: once for the tachograph average price of 1,000 yuan, but in recent years there's low-priced products are often serious quality problems and DOD ONE of the crowdfunding price set at 399 yuan, so high-end products go low. route, just to let consumers can use low price, good quality and really have a tachograph.

For Question three: the tachograph can not stealth, miniaturization can be solved only affect the appearance of the problem as much as possible so the DOD designed ONE very small, very low sense of presence in the car, and simplicity with ornate metal housing. , it will only add points to your car.

For Question 4: With no buttons, no menu options, ONE's easy to learn: Positive anti-recorded, the mirror rocking cover requires only a few simple gestures, we can complete the desired action, while others more complex. intelligent features are taken automatically set, hands-free operation.

For Five questions: DOD ONE 1296P has an ultra-high resolution, is also equipped with F1.8 large aperture, so ONE shooting quality, whether during the day or at night, we will give consumers more surprises.

ONE is such a unique product, quality and low price is not low, small size metallic appearance, ultra-simple operation, high-sensitivity high-definition picture quality.

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DOD ONE opens new markets for traditional tachograph

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Traditional Chinese: DOD ONE將打開傳統行車記錄儀的新市場

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