"In Medicare-for-price": three kinds of lung cancer Hepatitis B Drug prices up 67%

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China for the first time with the name of the state pharmaceutical companies to negotiate prices, the success of tenofovir, three kinds of drugs price negotiations Icotinib, gefitinib and so reduce the price cut were 67%, 54%, 55 %. this decrease, with the lowest estimate data, lung cancer will save 15 billion yuan every year, hepatitis B will save 180 billion yuan.

'Drugs are the negotiations, based medication needs of major public health and disease prevention, problem and goal-oriented, in response to social concerns, experts full feasibility studies, selection of high prices, the heavy burden of disease, significant therapeutic benefit patients liver cancer, lung cancer, multiple myeloma and other patented pharmaceutical drugs as a negotiating pilot. 'State Family Planning Policy Department of health drug Zheng expressed.

Zheng also said that after the first success of the negotiations, the upcoming next round of negotiations, the goal is still targeting domestic patent medicines, importing the patented drugs, as well as the patent expired period should be no generic varieties.

A market for price negotiations

The new medical reform, although constructed public institutions centralized drug purchasing a new mechanism, but the country generally reflected in patent medicines and exclusive production of pharmaceuticals lack of competition, high prices the market, it is proposed in promoting public hospital drugs centralized procurement process and adopt a unified negotiations, the price down to a reasonable range, which is internationally accepted practice.

Therefore, in the << >> guidance on improving public hospitals centralized drug procurement [SCS (2015) 7] put forward new ideas classified procurement requirements on the part of patented drugs, the exclusive production of drugs, the establishment of an open and transparent, multi-stakeholder involvement the drug price negotiation mechanism.

This negotiation in October 2015 started to prepare, with the approval of the State Council, health planning and other 16 ministries (bureau) to establish a drug price negotiations inter-ministerial joint conference system, a comprehensive sort of domestic experts patented drugs, the exclusive production of drugs, and was combined our medication needs of major public health and disease prevention, determine the selection of the first drugs to negotiate the establishment of the negotiating team, to develop strategies and negotiation process, the synchronization establishing negotiation and monitoring mechanisms. in late November, the official launch of the first national drug price negotiations negotiations the Panel met with hepatitis B, non-small cell lung cancer patented drugs related businesses conducted several rounds of negotiations.

'Throughout the negotiating process, the participating companies are very positive, there is no negotiation companies do not want to quit. Because many drugs are in negotiations in the past belongs to drugs at their own expense, with certain restrictions when used in medical institutions, some can not exceed 10 %, and some even can not exceed 8%. Although the price point of view, the enterprise is none other, but it is gaining a greater market, negotiations drugs in medical institutions should give priority to buy and use, while incorporating insurance into the health care system, so that enterprises in order to have assurance. 'Zheng expressed.

For patients, it can be cheap to buy drugs, which is a blessing.

Currently, viral hepatitis remains one of the major infectious diseases prevention and control of the focus, the disease burden is heavy. Tenofovir widely for the treatment of chronic hepatitis B patients with indications for pregnant women has good security, and it can be used the treatment of chronic hepatitis B patients with a variety of drug resistance. class targeted drug imatinib can improve accuracy in line with indications of non-small cell lung cancer patients treated with prolonged survival. Therefore, the negotiation is successful, it will increase the liver, lung patients with drug availability and affordability.

Moreover, the 'drug price negotiations, although currently only three drugs improve liver, lung cancer drug availability and affordability, and it can Forced similar drugs reduce the price to a reasonable range.' Zheng expressed.

For pharmaceutical companies, although price cuts, but greater market and return.

AXA drug Zheng Fa [2016] No. 19 << country negotiating on doing the notification >> centralized drug purchasing has made it clear, in a timely manner throughout the negotiations will result in the end of June, the provincial centralized drug procurement platform public hanging, medical institutions press negotiate prices directly online procurement, to improve Medicare payments range management practices, good pilot and national drug negotiate Medicare payment policy convergence. At the same time the medical establishment is a qualified acceptance of delivery of drugs from the time of payment shall not exceed 30 days.

'Market for price' is the main entry point to negotiate drug prices, but also allows companies have an incentive to participate, and hospital procurement and into the health insurance policy is a direct positive business most valued inner while in 2016 and 2017 in the procurement cycle, no separate bargaining throughout the organization negotiations, direct negotiations in accordance with national procurement prices, which also avoid the companies involved in the negotiations concerns over the 'second bargaining' in.

For health insurance, whether it is business or problem patients are most concerned about, seven ministries jointly issued a notice has been given to the settlement negotiations will notice that there is no drugs directly into the national health insurance directory, but requires around 'Medicare payments to improve range management approach do a good job with the national Drug negotiations pilot Medicare payment policy convergence. '

'Medicare convergence takes time, so we chose hanging in late June, and a half months to give the health care sector convergence.' Zheng expressed.

Vice president of International Pharmaceutical Business, China Pharmaceutical University, said the briefing are often peak, national health insurance drug list have a special selection procedures and principles, but also on the fund pressure calculations, into the national directory will take some time, appropriate to local conditions accelerate convergence, it enables the results of the negotiations at an early date Huimin. 'countries in the world have different forms of drug price negotiations, China is facing the situation is more complicated, but also more difficult to negotiate, a reform can not solve all problems, but the talks the results will certainly play a good role 'in the relevant fields.

After the success of the negotiations, Zheng has already embarked on his next round of negotiations, his goal is still targeting domestic patent medicines, importing the patented drugs, as well as the patent expired period should be no generic varieties.

Drug costs will save 200 billion yuan

Expensive drug prices has been a problem. In the past 20 years, authorities carried out 30 times in drug prices, however, the price of drugs has never been reduced because of the price, but is more down to climb higher, and even some drugs a drop disappears, another vest back again with new drugs appeared, the price is still not down. and the negotiations drugs, although only three kinds of drugs, but this clever negotiations brought the price, but it is where they affect the whole market, only at lower prices to protect the market, companies must protect the profits to make people (603,883 real benefit.

'For patients with lung cancer, this is a major positive.' Guangdong Provincial People's Hospital of lung oncology main Renzhou Qing said only gefitinib, for example, in accordance with the minimum value of all digital assess a conservative estimate, the state of negotiations after drug cost savings of 15 billion yuan, 'plus the price effect on the surrounding drugs brought the overall lung cancer drug costs will save more.'

According to the National Cancer Center 2015 statistics, China's annual new cases of lung cancer more than 700,000, about 500,000 deaths, ranking first in all malignancies.

'In our country all cases of lung cancer, non-small cell lung cancer accounts for about 80%, most of the patients with non-small cell lung cancer has been found in advanced, no surgical treatment opportunities molecular targeted therapy is very rapid development in recent years the new cancer treatment methods, the significant advantages is aimed at specific targets on tumor cells, accurate combat tumor cells without harming normal cells, less toxicity, can significantly improve the quality of life for patients. 'Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences Cancer hospital Vice president Shi Yuankai representation.

Shi Yuankai introduced, said Exeter erlotinib and gefitinib are applicable to molecular tumor epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) mutations sensitive non-small cell lung cancer targeted drug, according to conservative estimates, China's annual new-onset lung cancer patients carrying EGFR mutations have about 20 million people, the proportion is much higher than in Western countries, China has a large number of lung cancer patients for the use of such drugs.

After landing in country negotiating prices, Icotinib average monthly drug costs about 12,000 yuan, after negotiations fell to about 5,500 yuan, gefitinib average monthly drug costs by about 15,000 yuan to 7,000 yuan.

According to the National serological surveys estimated population in 2006 of hepatitis B virus surface antigen positive rate was 7.18%, a total of 9800 million hepatitis B virus carriers, of which about 30 million people with chronic hepatitis B patients, if not often effective treatment, about final 15% to 25% of chronic hepatitis B patients can be converted to cirrhosis or primary liver cancer.

'In China, chronic hepatitis B is leading to cirrhosis, liver cancer is the main reason, after hepatitis B vaccine into national immunization programs, we have achieved significant success in blocking the spread of hepatitis B virus, greatly reducing annual new-onset chronic hepatitis B patients. But our existing a large number of patients with chronic hepatitis B, of which only about 300 million people able to accept patients effective treatment, a large number of patients because of high drug prices to give up treatment, 'our country in fact has become a global hepatitis B, cirrhosis and liver cancer up to pay the social costs country. 'as a negotiating team of experts, Beijing Ditan Hospital, vice president into the military representation.

World Health Organization and China's latest treatment guidelines are recommended entecavir and tenofovir as first-line treatment of chronic hepatitis B oral medication.

'According to drop 67% of the national negotiating prices, chronic hepatitis B patients for months disoproxil fumarate average treatment costs from the previous about 1500 yuan down to 490 yuan, while imports original drug entecavir average monthly treatment costs 820 yuan. Beijing Ditan hospital liver Center main Renxie Wen said that for a substantial price reduction disoproxil fumarate, the price adjustment will drive other similar drugs, will save 180 billion of health care costs, she believes the most important is not just to save money, there is a health problems.

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Traditional Chinese: “以醫保換價格”:肺癌乙肝三種藥品最高降價67%

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