For the US health around and even cerebral hemorrhage, neck back pain should not be overlooked!

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40-year-old Miss Bai Lingli business, because the summer is coming beauty body sculpting want to lose weight, then went to sign up for a fitness class, yoga, spinning, muscle training projects have tried again, did not expect to practice a few days off, she the emergence of the phenomenon neck back pain, and a few days did not improve.

For the US health around and even cerebral hemorrhage, neck back pain should not be overlooked!

Ms. Lee did not care about the beginning, thought it was time to take office to fight white-collar common cervical spondylosis obtained by computer, so Ms. Lee, as usual, into a beauty shop to do push oil back, thinking that you can relax body solve the problem, not only did not alleviate the symptoms, but increased.

Evening a week later, Ms. Lee entered the gym as usual, but halfway sudden loss of consciousness, coma and was sent to Zhejiang Greentown Cardiovascular Hospital emergency room doctor diagnosed as subarachnoid hemorrhage, which is a very serious one cerebral bleeding disorders, in the event of life-threatening.

Deputy Chief Physician Zhou Kaishun

Zhejiang Greentown Cardiovascular Hospital chief of neurosurgery

Back and neck pain is that we often, and complex symptoms. Many people appeared back neck ache phenomenon, mistakenly thought he had cervical spondylosis, but the cause of back pain because of diversification, whether living habits, which Radiation to the back around the organs, nerves, blood vessel abnormalities can cause back pain.

Many patients with neck or back pain directly to the orthopedic doctor, in fact, cause neck and back pain for many reasons, with a variety of diseases, subarachnoid hemorrhage is one of the most dangerous kind. So, back and neck fever, pain in patients with the best combination of their own symptoms and other recent habits, to identify the most similar to the corresponding departments of the disease to the hospital for treatment.

What is a subarachnoid hemorrhage

Subarachnoid hemorrhage is a type of cerebrovascular disease, primary and secondary points two. Our primary subarachnoid hemorrhage, for example, it is due to the blood vessels of the brain surface and cerebral bleeding blood directly into the subarachnoid space. caused by the brain surface and cerebral vascular bleeding mainly due to ruptured intracranial aneurysms, there is a saying that is the event, one third of patients die at home, 1 / 3 will die on the road, of course, a third of the hospital can be timely to hospital for treatment, and may be completely cured!

Analogy, human blood vessels like the river, the vessel wall is like the river bed, the blood like a river, when the water in the river where turning repeatedly scour the riverbed, causing the thinning of bed this position, reduced stability , except when the river when the river flows to the river bed is completely destroyed, there will be floods, inundated farmland and the surrounding land, causing floods.

For the US health around and even cerebral hemorrhage, neck back pain should not be overlooked!

What symptoms should consider subarachnoid hemorrhage

Subarachnoid hemorrhage primary headache, patients often can clearly describe the scenario time and headache occurred before the onset of more significant incentives, such as strenuous exercise, emotional, defecation, coughing and drinking.

Showed vigorous activity or activity limitations appear after burst or full head pain, headache degree very intense, unbearable, about half of patients with subarachnoid hemorrhage caused by the disease is described as a lifetime of headaches experienced the most dramatic headache, general headache was sustained or continued increase, sometimes back and neck pain can also occur.

This pain, oral pain medications are generally not alleviated, mainly due to blood components and blood cells break down substances that stimulate spinal pain sensitive tissues.

Followed by the performance of vomiting, vomiting is more frequent, usually vomit stomach contents and gastric juice, usually no symptoms of vomiting blood, vomiting, headache, neck and back pain is generally accompanied by, or occur after headache.

For the US health around and even cerebral hemorrhage, neck back pain should not be overlooked!

How to deal with the emergency subarachnoid hemorrhage

1, sudden severe headache, vomiting, should be suspected subarachnoid hemorrhage may be, should be sent to hospital for treatment,

2, try to keep the patient first high-side lateral position, to avoid the tongue after the fall obstruct ventilation, clean the mouth vomit, so as not to inhale the airway,

3, try to avoid long-distance transfer, choose the nearest qualified medical treatment units,

4, try to avoid vibration during transportation,

5, pay attention to changes in blood pressure,

6, keep the patient mood, avoid emotional stress. Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 為美健個身,竟然腦出血,頸背部疼痛不可小覷!

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