Movies & Television Netease deep linkage tour starts "Prometheus"

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This afternoon, Netease game 'for special you' 2016 annual conference held in Guangzhou event, NetEase announced the official launch annual blockbuster film event 'Prometheus plan.' The plan aims to implement the depth of pan-entertainment strategy, called hundreds of millions of Netease game players to share their story of the game, launched the 'treasure House of youth' and 'dream pass' two activities: the former creative story collection, movie remake of youth players, who recruited colleagues creative master, so that players have the opportunity to participate game adaptation of TV drama creation. in addition, the television partner NetEase Huace, mango and Chinese Entertainment Television executives opt for the scene to help with the activities of the joint organizers Netease news client together to participate in the ceremony.

In particular you deserve to be remembered in the world

Last December 18, when the film was established Netease, Netease Television Media Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager Liu man once said, 'responsibility, cooperation, restraint is Netease video uphold the purposes and attitude.' Where responsibility, the key lies in the spread of the game lovers of youth and dreams, so many people who understand the game, understand the players. the 'Prometheus' the introduction, it is the responsibility of Netease film itself embodies, practice of transfer players dream of commitment.

This afternoon, Netease game 'for special you' on the 2016 annual conference, NetEase announced the launch of a blockbuster film project - 'Prometheus' and invited the players personally involved in the development of creative video conference site. , Liu M, said the television program is especially Netease video player itself return an exploration. 'each player has their own special game stories that should not be lost in history, and should be borne in mind in some way spread down, 'and the player as the protagonist of the story, film and television production is the best screenwriter, and therefore return Netease video player itself, combined with NetEase games to create' Project Prometheus. '

The film and television creative fire given to the player, the player will beat youth film

'Prometheus' specifically refers to what? Liu M to be described in detail in the field of speech, 'the creation of fire Netease video film on the altar, handed the hands of hundreds of millions of players, it's like Prometheus Hughes to fire high above the earth, like to steal. 'According to its introduction, the program set up' youth treasure House 'and' dream pass 'two major themes activities.

'Youth Treasure House' player-oriented collection of players from different years of youth story 'Dream Pass' is set six types of creative work colleagues, screenwriter recruit players to join the team, with well-known director, producer cooperation, the creation of video game adaptation . Liu said the man, NetEase film will be 'youth treasure House' emerged as the story of creative works, planned for the end of this year to start the preparatory work youth player movie. Netease's game Fantasy Westward Journey << >>, << new Westward Journey 2 >> 3 >> << world, the new Ghost Story << >> << >> encyclical days, zero >> << Datang unparalleled quality games and other merchandise will participate in the event.

It is reported that, 'Prometheus' the official website ( has been formally launched, the creation of the trumpet sounded, the game belongs to your youth and dreams, only to be special for you to write!

Television Company heavy line guests gathered together build quality

The same day, on behalf of the domestic first-line film and television production company Huace, Chinese film and television, mango entertainment visit the event together to help out, 'Prometheus,' the launch of their film and television are the partner NetEase: Chinese Television is responsible for << Dream Journey >> film and television drama production, together Huace new Westward Journey 2 >> << do film and television development, mango entertainment is 3 >> << world of film and television producers. the three companies coming guests, marked 'general Prometheus program 'will be so true to the letter.

Conference, general manager of the drama mango entertainment center Liu Hongxia, Li Yuan, Executive Director of four long Huace Hangzhou project, film director Tang Liang Business Cooperation Instrument Man came to power a speech on the 'Prometheus' are greatly appreciated, look through this the event, film and television production team to help better understand the game, understand the players, the player's experience, stories and understanding of the game, the better into the game film and television drama.

In addition, as co-organizer of this event, Netease news client marketing director of South China Liang Yanmei stressed Netease news client will be fully committed to the event, 'so that more people know about this special love, so that more people to see and share the love of the game and the story of the creation of content. ' Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 網易影視深耕影遊聯動 啟動“普羅米修斯計劃”

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