Netease Game 1 billion plan to build five + bonus players back into

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May 20, 2016 annual conference Netease game was held in Guangzhou Netease game this year to the theme of love for the game 520 days as 'Special You', is intended to special treatment to each particular player in publishing scene, Netease, general manager of the gaming market NetEase Wu Xinxin released + game plan for the next five years Netease game + plans to invest 1 billion yuan, surly reserved Netease game players love. As long as you play the game Netease home, Bailian's level and never regret rushing ingot.

Netease 520 heavy release + program effectively reserved gamers love

By + program each Netease game enthusiasts invested in the game can generate bonus, players only need to focus on the process of playing the game, you can unlock gradually accumulated points for online services, virtual goods, the next line of goods, membership services, the eligibility of activities and other games inside and outside the privileged, while the + plan, Netease game will recognize the game each player's preferences, provide specific information for each push players, allowing the player to master the game inside and outside the first-hand information and benefits.

Should not be put into oblivion, because love is born into more worthy of respect and care. Netease game market general manager Wu Xinxin said, 'not out of Netease game players 'grand plan', not universal players get, but determined the greatest resource devoted every player who tailor content feedback for every 'special you' blessing. '

NetEase invested one billion five players back full dividend announced

Netease game + program will invest nearly 10 billion yuan, from the 'back +', '+ experience', 'Exclusive +', '+ benefits', '+ culture' five give players bonus. '+ Feedback' means that each a NetEase game lovers will get the corresponding points of the game back level, including a large number of unique game packs and game peripheral, '+ experience' means that NetEase because players will play the game in their real life can enjoy a special experience 'Exclusive +' means that players will create exclusive products and services, '+ benefits' means NetEase players will enjoy in various fields such as the free single, promotions and other benefits, '+ culture' means that the player can have love own unique trend ICON, show their attitude towards love of the game and trends, promoting the game culture into mass and become a popular trend.

Netease game integration platform released by the game player, PC, mobile platforms three linkage

For the players are more concerned about + program presentation, Wu Xinxin at the scene said, Netease game players integral platform is the implementation platform Netease game + program, as well as NetEase players and Netease game core hub in the integrating platform will be displayed into points, level permissions, and combined record player behavior and wishes to obtain exclusive information push and redeem content.

Players from the game, PC side, the mobile terminal access to the three major platforms Netease gamers integration platform, the future, the integration platform Netease game players will come more Netease implant applications, such as Netease and other games App + also planned for this year will gradually open up to about 30, are operated by Netease hand side trips and tours, is expected next year Netease game will be included in the full range of games + system plan.

First impressions partner site rich dividends Behind the Scenes

Conference site, Mr. Wu Xinxin and Netease, general manager of Logitech's gaming market, KFC, Tide brand PR, UBER, Mannings five co-brand representatives to participate in the launching ceremony + program, announced + plans. Wu Xinxin represented on the line during the year 2016, NetEase games are more in line with the intentions of collecting players in all walks of life needs feedback blessing, we will have more brands to participate in planning for the future + Netease game at the scene revealed the direction of cooperation of the first five brands: Logitech will jointly launch an exclusive private custom service platform, combined with KFC bring exclusive gastronomic offer, join tide brand PR COS fashion onto the road, and to build together UBER plan & UIP + dual membership service experience, as well as massive welfare from Wanning etc. Netease game I hope every player would love games with NetEase's identity, by putting in NetEase games to get within the game world and real life rich dividends.

If the player has any expectations of + Plan and suggestions, you can log on Netease game plan + subscriptions page write voice, Netease game will be hard to meet the needs of the players to prepare more blessings reserved. Netease game + program, please players look forward to! Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 網易遊戲10億打造+計劃 五大紅利回饋玩家投入

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