96111 Air Hospital Reminder: poor diet susceptible to deep vein thrombosis

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If we compare the blood vessels of a water system, if the water is filled with a variety of impurities, water pipes are likely to be blocked. Similarly, if our blood vessels filled with all kinds of 'junk' will be clogged blood vessels, blood vessels thrombus formed thereon.

96111 Air Diseases Hospital Invited Experts Dr. Fang Zixing said intravascular 'junk' Formation and irrational human intake of nutrients related. In recent years, due to changes in the structure of people's diet, inadequate intake of fruit and vegetables, meat intake compared multi-single diet often leads to blood nutrients, especially lipids increase the number, quality decline, and ultimately damage the intima, blood flow slows, and induce thrombosis.

'Thrombosis occurs in the deep veins, once formed, can clog blood reflux, causing inflammatory changes in the vein wall, leading to lower extremity edema, pain, pigmentation, severe cases can cause leg ulcers.' Said Dr. Fang Zixing, in addition to diet outside the influence of environmental factors such as smoking, radiation, ionizing contamination, and wrong habits such as lack of exercise, sedentary, obese, bedridden also cause intravascular thrombosis. thrombosis once off, probably with the blood through free heart to the lungs and cause ischemia and necrosis of the corresponding region, severe cases can cause massive pulmonary embolism, leading to chest pain, hemoptysis, respiratory disorders and other symptoms, or even cause sudden death.

Dr. Fang Zixing reminded the public at home and abroad each year occur deep vein thrombosis pulmonary embolism many cases lead to sudden death .96111 hospital is conducting aerial varicose veins, venous thrombosis, vasculitis, arteriosclerosis, old rotten legs vasculitis, diabetic foot Diseases and other public welfare activities of the census, call 028-96111 to free consultation. Jane Tingting

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Traditional Chinese: 96111空中醫院提醒:不合理飲食易患深靜脈血栓

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