Wallace & Ruby announced a high-profile romance

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Wallace & Ruby

May 20 that day, the other half took the girl had just 520 big red envelope sent to a circle of friends shot, then quickly not quite happy, because Ruby and Wallace published a romance!

Fans distressed Hu Ge 'is not Hu Huo, Huo Hu did not ......'

Reporter Wang Hui pure

520 announced high-profile romance

Yesterday afternoon, Wallace studio's official microblogging 'Huajie studio' First made of sugar, 'Hua said: [email protected] consistent seamless style, you almost could not believe it,' Do not do today is April Fool's Day, 'then'? Ruby studio 'forwarded this microblogging, back to a little love. the two sides officially confirmed, the official public affair.

And some stars are not the same for low-key affair, this time both sides are pleased to announce an unprecedented candid love, simply hope that the masses of onlookers applauded. Wallace broker said, 'they are together, I hope to get everyone's blessing.' Ruby broker Tan Junping said that they are together, such as the heart very happy, also revealed bilateral exchanges timeline, saying the two have been good friends, this year's birthday only started dating after Ruby, thank you for concern. I Ruby drying out on social networks rose took his pictures from his face overflowing smile, 'I had been happiness away from me so close, thank you for your blessing.'

Longtime friend or lover for many years

After the news, although everyone by surprise, but it does not feel awkward. Wallace and Ruby known for years, had to cooperate twice once in 2006 together with the subway shooting << >>, once in 2011 Ruby made < <the Glamorous Imperial concubine >> the child heart played one pair of lovers, all the way to several rumored. << >> subway period Ruby said that because there is no other communication objects can be together, pour the World Princess >> << during filming, the two men with the same hand warmer, the phone shell, plaid shirt, sunglasses, shoes ...... everything to a couple models, but also do not avoid arousing suspicion drying out on the microblogging, they interact frequently recognizes only are friends.

Although Ruby broker said the two exchanges began this year, but as early as 2012, had claimed that the two fell in love four years, someone pulls out one called 'Strawberry in love with the sky' microblogging trumpet, I think that Wallace , and Ruby has been carried out with a sweet little interaction. when the past is simply pressed an affair, killed two people do not recognize, 'was photographed to say.' Ruby Wallace also publicly Jiaochen to put it, a very clear skimming look, 'to respond to trouble you later own affair it? every time a person, in response, I really feel sorry for me.' If you really fell in love eight years before a public, two men of secret effort really went too okay?

Past romances are wonderful

Both are attractive men and women, past scandals have section by section, the contribution of a lot of content for the entertainment, the woman is said to have suitors Wang Yangming, Yang show, some time ago was photographed and eat Jerry, the man from the scandal object Rosamund Kwan, Tang Yan until Michelle Ye, Zhang Xin, but the two parties personalities are partial rigorous, mouth quite strict, Ruby recognizes only love Jimmy Lin and later Stanley Tong, and a handsome face, almost coveted of all women 'white on Sin,' is only He acknowledged Chen and Jon period of early romance, but romance published yesterday, most injuries were probably not old love, but for 'Hu Huo' platform for a long time fan of Hu Ge's two friends this month has left him Yuan Hong and Zhang Xin Yi married Wallace and Ruby in hand, fans simply distressed dead Hu song, 'is not Hu Huo, Huo Hu did not ......'

In any case, life has opened a new chapter had to admit, with two people from the beginning to the foot, and a perfect fit for the requirements of the other side of love. As we all know, Ruby Yen control, Wallace beauty many women to shame lashes can put a toothpick while Wallace is a sister control, like the ability to have an independent gentle girl, three years older than he is in full compliance with Ruby. Ruby repeatedly said that although they are not married, but pick a day in such a high-profile announcement romance , it is conceivable, and we hope to share the feelings of happiness overflowing, so it is inevitable that users have this conjecture, 'is this pair is going to get married to a pre-heat?'

Ruby drying out my own with roses selfies on social networks

'Single Dog' Hu Ge

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