Celery unexpected effect: calcium supplementation

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Celery unexpected effect: calcium supplementation

Celery efficacy

1, iron calcium: Celery contains more iron and calcium, and therefore, it is also calcium and iron deficiency anemia Vegetable it in growth and development of children and pregnant women, lactating women are more should eat celery to increase the body's calcium and iron.

2, alleviate gout: Celery contains can neutralize excess uric acid in the blood components, and therefore relieve the symptoms of gout patients also play a role.

3, the prevention of lung cancer: scientists confirmed that eating watercress may partially eliminate the harmful substances in tobacco damage the lungs of smokers eat 60 grams cress, will be conducive to the prevention of lung cancer has now been extracted from a kind of cress valid. substance, specifically for prevention and treatment of lung cancer.

4, lipid-lowering diet: The latest research shows that celery contains substances stimulate the body's fat consumption, coupled with its rich in crude fiber, is conducive to fecal excretion, thus reducing the absorption of fat and cholesterol, which have better weight loss.

5, regulating body fluid balance: There are reports that celery contains adjust fluid balance potassium.

Celery unexpected effect: calcium supplementation

6, anti-arthritis: Celery also contains anti-arthritis substances.

7, sedation: Some people believe that celery has a mild sedative effect.

8, cardiovascular protection: Celery contains more flavonoids, especially abundant in leaf content, have lower blood pressure, lowering blood pressure, cardiovascular protection and enhance the role of immunity.

9, nutritional supplements: often eat celery for nutrition the body needs to maintain normal physiological function, enhance human immunity, are a great benefit.

10, insomnia and headache: excessive anger, rough skin and often insomnia, headaches may be appropriate to eat more celery (Source: Vision China

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Traditional Chinese: 意想不到的芹菜的功效:補鐵補鈣

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