SNH48 original premiere debut Tang Anqi a strong desire to return to the stage

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SNH48 original premiere debut Tang Anqi a strong desire to return to the stage

The evening of May 20, by the production team as TEAM SII SNH48 efforts to build the first set of original premiere << >> Journey to the heart of the theater Xingmeng unveiled, members incarnation intellectual stewardess 'to meet the' passenger boarding. At Premiere the day before, N team member Tang Anqi burn for the first time made claims to being actively cooperate with rehabilitation, thank you for your support all the way. the company also announced news that Tang Anqi eager desire to return to the stage is very strong, and insisted on participating in the upcoming July this year the third general election held. in the interview, the other members of the Tang Anqi SNH48 expressed concern and blessings, I hope she will soon rejoin.

The history of the first original premiere try to seek a breakthrough Multi genre

SNH48 original premiere debut Tang Anqi a strong desire to return to the stage

An opening performances, a member of TEAM SII incarnation intellectual flight attendants, flight attendants dressed in a navy blue dress stunning debut, 'meet' on-site fans boarding Subsequent MC session, members of the TEAM SII shared a new interesting performances during rehearsals and grateful fans the companionship and support all the way. It is worth mentioning that the popularity member Xuchen Chen also brought TEAM SII's first branch solo unit song, beautiful voice with gorgeous costumes, impressive.

The SNH48 new premiere << journey >> heart is SNH48 original history first premiered, with milestone, interview, TEAM SII captain Dai Meng said: 'In the songs in our members will listen to the song, and give their own opinions, because the members themselves will be more aware of what is suitable for our song. 'tracks from the point of view, the new youth and inspirational performances adhering to the theme, showing the beginning of the heart do not change the dream girl. from the genre See, in addition to retaining the best at TEAM SII members of the genre, but also the additions of JAZZ, R & B, electronic and other elements, to the audience both familiar and new sensory experience.

Tang Anqi strong desire to return to the stage company agreed to their participation in the July general election

SNH48 original premiere debut Tang Anqi a strong desire to return to the stage

On the 19th, SNH48 member Tang Anqi receiving a first sounding vocal cord recovery after surgery, to inform people about her status via video. Video, Tang Anqi not directly photographed, choked voice from time to time, but could hear the restored works well. She by voice expressed thanks to everyone, and revealed that he is currently recovering well, every day in active treatment.

In addition, Tang Anqi SNH48 official website issued a document that I personally and personally expressed must attend SNH48 third general election in July this year, upcoming events, and appear in the total runoff release concert live to fans and spectators to the scene as soon as possible to cure rejoin expression , the dream of a strong desire to return to the stage, after the company still insisted desire and my parents repeatedly and carefully confirm and persuade. to respect the Tang Anqi own will and desire, the company decided to accede to her candidacy in the body allows, at the same time will she participated in the total runoff and release concerts throughout the process to make the corresponding special arrangements visible Tang Anqi I desire for rehabilitation after return to the stage is very strong. in an interview before the show, the members also expressed Tang Anqi best wishes, and I hope she can have a good physical recovery, early return to the team. Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: SNH48原創公演首秀 唐安琪強烈渴望回歸舞臺

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