More do hurt the skin, you have not shot

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Did you know that skin is good or bad, and not only about the individual's own skin, and the surrounding living environment, even work career also have an impact. 'Get more ultraviolet radiation to your skin old faster. If you work very dry environment - such as heating was very large, low humidity, or any smoke, your skin will age faster. '

More do hurt the skin, you have not shot

So this is to use a wrinkle cream every morning on her coffee time? Look at your career is in the following occupations, along with expert advice to eliminate the adverse effects of these occupations may bring it.


Often exposed to DNA under the flame brought from the toxic fumes can damage skin cells and, ultimately, increase the probability of skin cancer, and firefighters while in the respiratory system, digestive system, urinary system cancer, the probability is higher.

This shocking report found large study in the journal came from the study looked at the nation's thirty thousand firefighters. 'The faster the better wash the dust!' Rui Jier said like gloves and helmets of class equipment after operational requirements carefully cleaned, but experts strongly recommend that they work and live a mere storage equipment to separate.

Refinery workers and peasants

Due to the constant exposure to ultraviolet radiation, those long toiling in dangerous threat of non-melanoma skin cancer, according to Dr. Rui Jier said heavy sweating may also cause skin damage, because people sweat improved photosensitivity - - the possibility of sunburn caused greatly increased. '

Refinery workers should work a few hours of hydrocarbons obtained wash carefully, and farmers should wear a hat, UV protective clothing on board. 'Rui Jier proposal and expressed both in peacetime should rub a good sunscreen.

Office workers

We know that the sun will make you more susceptible to skin cancer - but surprisingly, the lack of sun will get skin cancer, which means less vitamin D in your body.

Studies have shown that office workers lack of vitamin D, because only UVA rays can pass through windows, and vitamin D is required, and can boost the immune system of UVB rays can not penetrate the window. Nine to five office workers will hope the weekend or holidays usually more than the sun to make up for the shortage, it also increases the chances of skin cancer, sun if they are too long, then. Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 幹這事傷皮膚,你中槍沒

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