Two weeks break in June 2016 CET high-frequency words (DAY11)

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CET Outline Vocabulary: U

ultimate a. basic, primary

ultrasonic a. ultrasound n. ultrasonic

ultraviolet a. ultraviolet n. ultraviolet radiation

unanimous a. (all) the same

. Uncertain a uncertain; impermanence

underestimate vt. undervalued, underestimated

underline vt focus;. Trailer

. Undertake vt agreement, guaranteed; in

undertaking n tasks, career;. bear

underwear n. blouse, underwear, undershirt

. Undesirable a undesirable; nasty

. Uneasy a restless; constrained

unemployment n unemployment; in unemployment

. Unfit a inappropriate; incapacity

unfold vt. Expand vi. presentation

. Uniformly ad in the same manner; consistent

unique a unmatched;. Excellent

universally ad. generally, in general

unlimited a limitless;. uncertain

unlock vt ... open the lock;. Open

unpaid a unpaid;. unsupported salary

unreasonable a unreasonable;. Excessive

. Untie vt untie, release; liberation

. Uphold vt lift; support; favor

uproar n commotion, disturbing;. din

uranium n. Uranium

urge vt. & vi. strongly hope

usage n. customary law

utensil n. containers, utensils

utilization n. use, usefulness

CET Outline Vocabulary: V

vaccinate vt. to ... Vaccination

validity n effective, effectiveness; Correct

valuable n. valuables, treasures

value vt. respect, attention, evaluation

valve n valves, valve; electronic tubes

vault n vault; basement, cellar

vector n vector; aircraft route

veil vt. to cover the veil vi. cover

vein n. veins, blood vessels, veins

velocity n. fast, fast

. Velvet a velvet system; soft

vengeance n. revenge, revenge, revenge

ventilate vt. ventilate, so ventilation

Venus Venus n;. Beauty; pornography

verge n. edge, border, boundary

versatile a multifaceted; General of

. Verse n poetry, verse; verse

version n. explanation

versus prep. (like game) on

veto n. veto, the veto ban

vicinity n near; nearby area

. Vicious a wicked; malignant

video a.'s video

vigorous a. vigorous, robust

vigour n vitality, energy;. Genki

villa n villa;. suburban cottages

vine n. vine, vine, vines

. Violate vt violated, contrary; violations

. Violation n violated; assault, obstruct

violent a violent;. distorted

virgin n. virgin a. virgin

virtual a. Indeed, in essence, the

visa n. visa

viscous a. viscous, sticky

vision n vision;. vision, imagination

visit vt. go

vital a. life, vitality

vitamin n. vitamins, vitamin

vocabulary n. glossary, glossary

vocation n. occupation, industry

. Void a empty; void

volunteer n. Volunteers vt. Volunteers

vow n. oath, vow, vow

vowel n vowels;. vowel

vulgar a. vulgar, vulgar Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 兩周突破2016年6月英語六級高頻詞匯(DAY11)

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