Guizhou intake of meat, oil, salt somewhat excessive eating habits have to change to change it

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Guizhou intake of meat, oil, salt somewhat excessive eating habits have to change to change it

Today, eating, no longer limited to satiety.

Eat healthy, eat nutritious more important.

Yesterday, Guizhou Medical University Affiliated Hospital started the 'National Nutrition Week', nutritionists noted that people in Guizhou meat, oil, excessive salt intake, dietary habits make a change.

Guizhou meat, oil, salt intake is excessive

Yesterday's event, Guizhou Medical University Department of Nutrition and Food Hygiene, the main focus of the group talked about Ren Wanghui Guizhou dietary habits and nutritional balance.

Wang Hui, director of the group, as the Chinese people's nutrition book, << >> Chinese dietary guidelines (hereinafter referred to as << >> Guide) since 2007 revision on without making the new amendments. On Friday, the State Planning Commission Guardian a regular press conference, this allows nutrition scholars awaited << Chinese residents dietary guidelines (2016) >> officially released.

'Compared with the 2007 version, the 2016 version of the Guide << >> The most obvious change is the nutritional recommendations from the original 10, into six, words less, more concise, but the content and convey a lot. '

As the new << >> guide about the diversity of foods to make specific demands. Wang Hui told reporters the group, the daily diet should include Valley potato, vegetables, fruits, poultry, fish balls milk, soy nuts and other foods. The average daily food intake more than 12, more than 25 per week.

In everyday life, not so much on the type of Guizhou many family dinner table, this and cognition.

FIG simple housewife to buy food, a one-time buy several kilograms of cabbage, three meals a repeat dishes, cabbage considered adequate nutrition instead of other vegetables, but in reality is not.

'No single food can substitute another food nutrients, just like some people think that as enough to eat vegetables, eat fruit nutrition. In fact, the more vitamin C-containing vegetables, less sugar content.'

She suggested that we should have a meal of vegetables, to ensure intake of 300-500 grams of vegetables per day, dark vegetables should account for 1/2, eat fruit every day to ensure that the daily intake of 200-350 grams of fresh fruits, fruit juices can not replace.

Others do, Guizhou what other aspects of the diet is not standardized?

Wang Hui group, said, in fact, because people like to eat skewers Guizhou, Sichuan hot pot, intake of meat, oil, salt it special, particularly high.

--- Bring direct result of obesity.

Guizhou obesity rate of 7%, giving up food is not desirable

Fat Amy's public enemy.

We always surrounded by a lot of people running, aerobics, diet, trying to lose weight or to control the growth of the waist, on the other hand, people are becoming more and more fat.

The reporter learned from the provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention, chronic disease prevention and control, according to the province in 2012 to complete the relevant investigation showed that the province of overweight adults was 24.6% and the obesity rate was 7.0%.

From a medical point of view, obesity has become a major global public health problem Wang Hui group pointed out: too much fat can lead to serious health consequences, such as heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, stroke, etc., these diseases can cause premature death and serious disability. China has defined obesity as a disease.

However, in the public eye, the disease remains a faceless obesity: obesity unclear public medical diagnostic criteria do not think need to seek medical intervention to solve weight problems, do not have the management mode of life, prevention of obesity sufficient awareness and knowledge.

'In fact, when people realize that obesity is more common method is a weight loss diet.' Great clinical director of nutrition Yang Dagang medical Guizhou noted that diet without professional guidance conducted under blind, unpredictable consequences.

As the saying goes, fat as a mountain down, the fat go away on foot. Weight is certainly easy to go down hard, from the beginning of the 'eat eat' Meng Ding does not become a 'minus minus minus', the body is breaking the law, organs, hormones will be very suited.

'There is often too much to lose weight, such a kind of disease, as well as weight loss leading to anorexia.' Yang Dagang said, in addition, it was to buy their own meal replacement powder weight loss, how to eat, how to use, what kind of effect on the body Yigai unclear, and finally does not exclude liver and kidney dysfunction.

Day walking 6,000 steps can prevent obesity, but you have to 'take the initiative'

How to prevent obesity? << >> Guidelines also recommend daily physical activity initiative 6000 steps, to eat balancing.

But this 6000 steps, you come to it?

'Including myself download pedometer APP, one week the number of steps is 100,000 +, one day event more than 10,000 steps, but my activity did not pass.' Wang Hui group, said she was because the working relationship, in offices, classrooms between go back and forth, a few steps a day of activity add up to the amount of walking more than 10,000 no problem. However, these occurred in the passive situation, << >> guidelines emphasize step would require 6,000 people take the initiative, based on fitness for the purpose in other words, you want to do 6,000 steps, it should be after the other activities put on running shoes, walking shoes or a new start.

After all, weight loss is a complicated project, non-overnight can be successful, Guizhou Medical University Affiliated Hospital of Clinical Nutrition has been linked gastrointestinal surgery, Chinese medicine, gastroenterology and other disciplines in an integrated means for the parties to weight loss, and even giant intends to who performed surgery to remove stomach fat.

Think about it, losing weight is not easy.

'To eat this suffering, you only do two things.' Wang Hui group smile, gift mantra: 'pipe shut' and 'stride leg.' Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: 貴州人攝入的肉、油、鹽超標了 有些飲食習慣得改改啦

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