Choker still have to fire a year? See how many models are wearing it icon

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Lead: Since Choker in sweeping fashion ring hot trend last year, the heat did not seem to diminish the weather is getting warmer, remove the thick scarf, it is time to wear Choker (Reprinted from PCLADY)..

Gigi, Chiara Ferragni, Lin Yun, Chen Yao, a lot of star icon shape and have appeared in its sight. Now Choker big return, had not had the only rebel commander cool impression .Choker also have amazing style, whether it is hip-hop style or casual style, Choker can help you easily Dachu various fashionable Style. this always bright spots dotting a single product, no wonder addictive.

1, paragraph Velvet Choker

Meng sister Matilda cold collar velvet texture of the Pendant Choker with paragraph chic romantic, feminine charm can, can lovely, absolutely Choker entry-level choice. >> << The killer is not too cold in wearing velvet Choker iconic models, has become a classic era.

Velvet Choker pearl earrings and matching both elegant and personality
Deep V + Velvet Choker Gigi minute of bursting gas field
Choker dress with the same texture, the seating arrangement and trendy look coordinate

2, paragraph leather Choker

Leather material is the most traditional Choker material, after a simple Choker neck wear, there will be a momentary feeling of rebellion, whether just a necklace or a pendant can easily increase lighted body shape.

Choker a rebellious feel Lin Yun upper wells girl
Riri style will always choker appears

3, paragraph Choker braided

Paragraph Choker braided leather does not cool, tough metal, slightly retro both playful property makes you wear when exotic, but do not try no swan-necked, short neck every minute or a large portion of oh.

South Korean popular models Irene Kim lace Choker braided girl looks full of flavor
cl knitting section choker

4, metal models Choker

YAO paperclip shape Choker quite eye-catching

Choker metal material with a strong texture, can increase the gas field, necklace short paragraph if you want to make your face does not look too round, or can be added with a shiny gold texture in the body in a simple style to mature increase the sense of strong, such as ornate shining short necklace can definitely help you get rid of childish!

Choker necklace with a short stack with more color mix and match
Choker necklace with a short stack with more color mix and match Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.

Traditional Chinese: Choker還要再火一年?看看多少模特icon都在戴它

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